Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy & Blah

I have been busy with work - websites. We have quite a few website on our plate. And those usually got to me except when they are content management - those are Master's. I am just not ready to tackle them yet.

This weekend I felt down but then yesterday I worked on something for a friend and that made me feel better because I know it will make her smile. I don't feel I accomplished much else this weekend though. I have 2 websites that I need to work on...changes to one and finishing up the other now that the client decided what template she wants. I also need to finish up my article. And then prep for Thanksgiving this week.

Master parents are coming for his birthday (Dec 6th) -- one reason I was down as I really just wanted it to be us. So I need to finish the autumn cleaning I started a few weeks ago (when I was steam cleaning). I would like to wash and press all the curtains and steam clean the hallway and Master's office before they come (then all the carpet in the house would be done). I have bunches of stuff to go to Goodwill but I need to get it all together (one spot) and then typed up for taxes.

I started making our holiday card list today, got out the cards and labels too so that I can try to get those out early this year. Maybe I will even get a letter done this year.

Not sure what else to say...I am hoping to be able to do the Holidailies and that usually inspires me to write more.

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