Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am busy busy as usual!

I need to thank katie for the little package I got from her this week and then last week I got a wonderful package from kaylee recently too! (note to self: I need to post what it says on the princess pills later as it was so cute!) Thank you so much both of you! Also thank you kaylee for the help you gave on one of my projects! You ROCK -- it was just what I needed!

Since I haven't had a book to read for several nights now I have been reading Cosmopolitan. Master purchased something about 2 months ago and he got 4 subscriptions to magazines for very low price to free. Cosmo was free. I think Food & Wine was like $4 bucks and the highest one. So I got Cosmo because it was free. It has been years and years since I picked up a Cosmo. OMG was it always this bad? The gal & guy confessions, the articles if you can even call them that, the advice is just horrible. I know I shouldn't be shocked it is Cosmo but I really don't remember it being this bad. The confessions I felt had to be written by kids and sent in because do people really do the things they "confess." Thank goodness I received email notification of the next book in His Dark Materials series is on hold and waiting for me. I think we might be picking that up today.

I have been working on my parents Christmas present the last few nights. Last night though I was getting so frustrated with it though. So I hope today goes better with it and that I finish it. Another project I had been working will probably come to a finish today too so that is good. I will be able to move on to the next things on my ever growing list.

The tarot cards I have pulled recently:
Tues 11/20 - 5 of pentacles
Wed - 6 of pentacles
Thurs - the Magician
Fri - the Fool
Sat - Death
Sun - I forgot to pull a card that day -- forgot a few things on Sunday.
Mon - 7 of cups
Tues - 7 of pentacles

Lately some of my cards aren't making sense to me maybe I am just in a place to see what they are trying to say to me. Thursday was Thanksgiving and I got the Magician. I didn't feel like it fit very well. I mean I used my cooking skills and have that energy focused there but I unsure it really is that it was saying. Saturdays card didn't seem to fit either. I mean that card says to me major change to me and I really haven't had major change happening especially not on Saturday. Yesterday I was very focused on what I was doing. I didn't have much time to just get lost in myself or day dreaming. But yet the card was 7 of cups. I have been pulling quite a few 7's lately too. The week before last I think I had three 7's in a row. Now yesterday and today. Seems like a lot of 7's. Bah like I said I just am not seeing what they are saying to me. Maybe I just don't have right focus for them.

Todays card probably will fit today. As I can see the end near on several projects. And that feels good!

What else...

We are again giving each other a ton of movies for Christmas. Master ordered quite a few the other day at JR's. In the order was a Christmas pack of movies -- Scrooge, Miracle on 34th Street and then the other 2 movies were on it that I don't think I have heard of before but I am hoping he lets me have that pack before Christmas. I also got an Elizabeth Taylor pack and Cary Grant pack. And Roman Holiday too. (all those packs and Roman Holiday - $3.99 -- good deals at JR's if you haven't ever used them I suggest checking them out.) I like old movies. We don't have a lot of old movies in our collection but that will be changing now after this order.

Well I better get busy....

I thought there was something else I wanted to write about but of course at the moment I have sometime to write -- it has escaped my brain.


  1. You should use ifate.com for readings, that way you could post the readingcode here so we could see what u pull.

    'Just a thought.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion but I am trying to teach myself to get better with my tarot cards so it is important I use the deck, draw and use my feelings towards each card.


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