Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yay! Holidailies 2007!

I think this is my third year participating in Holidailies! They suggest an introduction for a first post....

So without further ado....

I like alice in wonderland, altered books, art, asian food, authenticity, autumn, awareness, baking, bondage, breath play, Buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, captivity, care bears, coldplay, collage, domestic arts, enslavement, free speech, friends, geishas, hoods, karma, kissing, leather, lip gloss, love, lust, music, pain, pre-raphaelite art, princesses, progressive politics, project runway, purple, quotes, ritual service, road trips, rope, rough sex, service oriented submission, sex, SM, tarot, tea, watersports (golden showers), words, and yes.

I am intense, passionate and serious about life. I am increasingly shy as I get older. I just turned 40 in October and having a few problems with it and it has nothing to about the age and more just a look back over my life...all the things that I should just get over myself about since it is important that what came before got me to here and now. And here and now is pretty damn good!

I am in service-oriented Master/slave relationship. I will have been owned by Master 5 years February 1, 2008. I think of where we are in our journey and it makes me excited to see where we will go in the next 5 years! So many good things we have done and so many more wonderful places to go.

I try to live my life to the fullest...laughing often, living passionately and loving deeply.

Oh and my name is Danae.

To learn more about the relationship I am in visit our website...specially the two links below might be helpful.

Q&A includes things such as What is BDSM, Does BDSM refer to just the sex, What happens if you decide you don't want to be a slave anymore...Can you just "quit".

A Typical Day as Slave for me.

Please visit Holidailies!

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