Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Cards

Maintaining friendships ... and do holiday cards help?

I am not sure they help a lot but I do enjoy doing them and getting them. It lets me catch up with people that I might think of throughout the year but don't really get a chance to talk to because of time or distance. So I guess that is a form of maintenance just not something that would work long term if that is the only maintenance that is being done.

So speaking of holiday cards that is the number 1 thing on my holiday to-do list after Master's parents leave. I need to finish up labels and such for those and also help Master get his business ones ready to go out too.

We bought some very pretty cards and I can't wait to send them out. I love variety. I go through the cards and pick which one I want for each person. Maybe it fits them with the image or the words or maybe it says something I know will remind them of us. Like a secret language between friends that they can look, read or some of both and see - Master and I or us as in all of us as friends or family.

Not sure I am making much sense tonight as I am just so tired. I am glad Master's parents were able to visit him on his birthday but it is very trying and tiring. We had a nice day though for Master's birthday and that is what most important to me.

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