Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas at Home or Away....

Tonight I watched one of those cheesy sappy Christmas movies on ABC Family. It was called Snowglobe. I watched it while I cut and wrapped about 70 chocolate caramels.

The synopsis from online: "Everybody has their own ideas about what constitutes a "perfect" Christmas. Angela is about to get hers when she is transported into a mystical snowglobe. Will it really be better than how her holiday usually goes?"

It was very predictable but I still enjoyed it. I love Christmas too but I never had looked for the perfect Christmas. Because each one has something about it that makes it "just perfect." Of course there are things would like to do someday. Like Master would like to spend Christmas in a cabin in the mountains -- having snow falling outside while we are snuggled up in front of a fire. I think that sounds pretty good too. But how we spend Christmas most years is pretty good too. And usually that is just us and the kitty cats. Christmas Eve we have a big dinner....ham, creamed potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls and then Christmas goodies. Then we drive around looking at the lights. Christmas Day morning is opening stocking, presents and having cinnamon rolls. We then just have left overs for Christmas dinner. Usually ham sandwiches and such and watch movies. It is just quiet, peaceful and very cozy!

This year though we are going to Master's parents. We went to my parents in 2004 and then every other Christmas has been just us. But this year we are spending it with his parents. They are THRILLED. And I am glad they are but I know both of us will miss just having Christmas alone.

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