Wednesday, December 19, 2007


From Kindlings: What is your favorite thing about the person you serve?

Oh one thing...not going to do that. I need more then one thing.

He is intelligent. I like having discussions with him. I enjoy his perspective and that he teaches me new things!

He is a very generous man. He gives so much to his friends, family and clients. Right now he is working on a project and he is giving them so much more then they paid for because if he didn't it wouldn't feel right to him. He wants them to have the BEST quality and he is giving them that. He enjoys giving gifts just as much as I do and so buys friends and family gifts because he wants too remind them how special they are to him.

He has an amazing amount of patience. His Mom got a camera last year and every time he has the opportunity he takes time to teach her new things about it. It makes her feel so good to learn those things and that he just gives her that one on one time. He also taught his parents to use a computer. They had never touched one before but at 70 years old now are able to do more things then some of the clients I design websites for. It required a lot of patience and he gave them that always.

He is my Daddy. Which to me means....that he makes me feel safe and loved. He allows me to play and have fun with dolls and toys. He takes care of me when I am sick. When I am tired, he tucks me into bed and gives me kisses.

He is sadistic! Oh yeah I had to include that right? I am kinky! He has incredible hands that hurt me in delicious ways! I am a lucky girl!

My list could go on and on. I just feel very priveledged to be owned by Him and serve Him! I love YOU, Master!

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  1. I used to read your blog years ago but had a long period when I stopped reading blogs, now I'm back again. I like what you say about your Master, generosity is a lovely trait.


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