Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lower than the Cats

kaya had posted quite a while back about being told she is lower then the pet. I commented that I have been made to feel that, but shown it and she asked how. I am just getting around to answering her. I had this post mostly written, but forgot all about it. So here is now.....better late then never right.

Master has this thing that all cats like him. There is horse whisperers, dog whisperers and Master is a cat whisperer. We go to friends houses where they say "oh that cat never likes people" and sure enough in a couple hours (usually within 15 mins) that cat is in Master's lap and begging for his attention. Master has 2 cats. One of them was here when Master went through some really hard times so they have this really tight bond that where this cat often acts like a dog comes when Master calls, sits and waits for Master by the door and so on. So Master's cats are more then "pets." Some people have pets that are animals and some people have pets that are companions and family. Master and I happen to be the type that pet are part of our family. We have a friend that lives on a ranch and when she loses a cat -- she lost a mouser. She didn't lose a friend. It was just an animal on her ranch. Sure she enjoys them, but they are pets/animals. So Master's pets are family.

When I first became Master's, he would tell me that I was lower than the cats in this house. He said it often and I would kind of smile and nod. But I didn't think much more about it, but within a few months of being here I began to see the pattern of being shown that. I do believe a lot of it is mental, but he did through some actions show me that. It is really something he hasn't had to do over and over and over to make me keep believing it. But he does make me believe it through his actions and words.

I think the consistency is the thing. It is the words he uses over and over. The phrases put with the action of course help, but I think it is mostly a mental thing. It is very subtle actions put with the words. He doesn't do blatantly obvious things like...being made to piss in a litter box or consistently eat in a dog dish or anything like that.(Even though I am made to eat out of a dog dish at times.)

It is subtle...

  • When I am put into the cage, the cats can get into the cage as the bars are wide enough for them to get through. But of course can walk right out again. So he often has said "see they are free to go where they want, but you are locked up."

  • Sleeping in the cage - while the cats sleep all snuggled up to Master.

  • They don't have collars (they are indoor cats only), but I have a collar with tag with my slave number because I am property. He re-enforces that I am property all the time with so much of our daily life so it does make me feel like I am less than the cats.

  • The cats are independent (of course limited as they are indoor pets). They don't have to come when called. They can leave a room without telling him. They don't have to ask for permission to use the bathroom or eat. My life is much more controlled then the cats lives in Master's home.

  • A very mental thing....Master will at times ask our cats if I can eat or go to the bathroom. You know how you speak to cats in a tone and they will meow and if you don't they won't. So of course he would use those tones to get the answer he wants. It is often a teasing thing...where it is meant to be playful, but it has been one of those things that makes me feel it none-the-less. But it has been done enough that it gives me feelings of the cats having a higher place in the hierarchy of Master's home.

The biggest one for me that is a constant....

The cats get different kind of attention than I do. I actually envy it at times. Master comes home from a hard day of meetings and doesn't want to interact with humans as he has had it with them. He will greet us all but he will sit in his chair and call the cats up to snuggle and talk with the cats, but the interaction with me is limited. Although of course I get his affection, it is different so it feels at times that the cats get more than I. Again he gives me affection it just is different so it makes me feel more like a slave then a pampered pet which his cats are very much pampered pets.

Of course Master spoils me at times my birthday I was totally spoiled with whatever I wanted to do and given lots of special treats! The cats though are pampered. Spoiled and pampered are different. Both very good things and it is okay that I am spoiled, but not pampered. I know I am property. Many of these things he does give me a constant reminder that I am his property. And that is what I want to be in the big picture.

(photos of me -- the top one the bars aren't that far apart it is just the perspective of how the photo was taken. The day these pictures were taken was so incredible. It still stands out in my mind and makes me tingle when I think of it. Master and I had played hard. He was slapping my face lots - which is why it is so red. He just pulled the hood on me, stuck in me in the cage after beating and slapping me...I was stunned so I think that is why I have such an odd look on my face -- part floating and part what the fuck just happened. After taking the pictures, instead of using me...fucking me....he laid on the bed and masturbated. I watched him from the made me even more turned on. I was groaning and moaning - making very animalistic noises. I was an animal in a cage.)


  1. danae,

    lovely thoughts and pictures!
    i have often said that i am spoiled but i not pampered...i never questioned why i felt that way but since reading this, i am. what do you think the difference to be?

    you are so lucky to have cats! any pictures?

    i am

  2. zero, spoiled is to me more like giving me treats but pampering is to me more about personal attention to me. I have a friend whose husband/Sir gives her baths, brushes her hair, massages and many other things that just make her feel like a pampered princess. I feel spoiled...Master gives me gifts and does things I like. By definition they are not different. But for me personally it feels different.


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