Saturday, December 22, 2007


So in the post the other day Lower Than the Cats....I think some probably felt "how horrible that she feels lower than the cats." Feeling lower than the cats is a good mindfuck that at times is running under the surface, some times it is in my face clearly and other times I don't feel it. It was established early on in our relationship so it just has kind of lasted without it being re-enforced even though sometimes he does like to remind me that I am not free and am property instead of his pet. I am glad he established those feeling early on in our relationship. In its own way it has helped me remind myself of my place and help me keep my mindset.

I feel very tired tonight so probably not making much sense but anyway life is good and really that is all that matters.


How come it is when we are about to leave town that I get extremely horny? I want to be fucked hard. And of course tonight we are really busy and we will be leaving early tomorrow morning. And then staying with Master's parents for several days --- so no chance of that kind of fun!


Well we will be leaving tomorrow morning and of course I will be posting from there for holidailies but they will probably be shorter posts.

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