Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deck the Halls....

Prompt from Holidailies: Tell us about your strangest or most unique holiday decoration.

I think the most unique holiday decorations in our house is the bears all around the bottom of the tree. I started out with the little red flyer wagon from Hallmark and the Teddy Bear Trevor. They were given to me by my ex-husband. And then after that I added a few and he gave me 2 more and a little sled before we parted ways. Another decoration that is unique...I putting the paper garland in the glass cupboards so they show through.

I love to decorate for all holidays but especially for Christmas. When I was married, we had a really cute old house that was fun to decorate inside and out. We never went all out with lots of lights or yard decorations but we did outlined our porch and the pillars on it had lights going around them plus big red bows. I had "fake" potted mini ever green that sat right as you came up on the porch decorated in lights and little silver and red ball ornaments. And then I made a wreath for the was one of those wood vine wreaths that wrapped with plaid ribbons. And then some handmade felt ornaments in different shapes were attached to it. I think the felt ornaments were a mitten, christmas tree, candy cane, a heart with some holly leaves and berries on it...and I think there were 2 more but I can't think of them at the moment. But that was the only outdoor decorations really. It was simple but my ex and I liked it. Master and I discussed our next house -- if we will decorate or not. And we want simple too....white lights and wreath...not much more.

It is my hope when we move that we can have more the one tree too. When I was growing up we had several trees. Two to four depending on how much time my Mom in our entry that was tall skinny and was done in whites lights, ribbon and all angels. And then the one in the family room was done in all the ornaments we made as a kid, paper chain garland mixed with popcorn and berry hand strung garland and LOTS of multi-colored blinking lights. The living room had one that kind of changed over the years....always had lots of different ornaments on it...hallmark to handmade. But light colors changed over the year white...another kind of a goldish color. And then my Mom did bows on the tree. Then the forth was at the top of the stairs on the landing you could see it from our living room. It was a little mini tree that just had lights and bows on it. So it is my hope to be able to have more then one tree when we get a bigger house.

We are going to celebrate our Christmas Saturday. So right now there are presents under tree and lights sparkling. And I hope to be able to enjoy ALL the Christmas decorations just a little while longer.

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