Friday, December 07, 2007

Sick Day...

Today I woke up sick this morning. It is horrible to have company and be sick. I hate having the stomach flu....I mean who likes it but really there is just something about throwing up that makes the stomach flu worse then a cold for me.

Master's Dad helped out with some tasks around the house that we needed help with and they were so happy to help as Master helps them with all their computer things so it seemed like it made them feel useful to us as we are to them. They had to run out to get some parts and such and on one of their outings they found a very cute bear in a vest and hat that they thought I must have to make me feel better. So I got another bear to add to my collection under the Christmas tree (pictures of bear and tree will come I am sure in a few days).

I stayed in bed most of the day but finally felt at least a little human around dinner time. And dinner stayed down so that is great! I just have a headache and just have achy muscles now. So just watched a movie tonight while hanging out.

I felt horrible that I couldn't spend much time with everyone today but thankful they totally were able to keep themselves busy with the little projects.

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