Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is a prompt from Holidailies: Your best experience getting rid of something.

When I moved from Ohio to Colorado, I had a Teddy Bear that meant a lot to me...for many reasons. One being it was the last bear my ex-husband gave me. And there is more meaning behind that but too hard to explain. The bear is deep chocolate brown with a blue knitted sweater. I named him Ivan. I thought I had a picture of him but I am not finding it at the moment.

I always sleep with a teddy bear and he is one I slept with for years. But when I moved from Ohio to be with Master, I felt he was one thing I should let go of...I had good reasons at that time but still I miss him at times. But am very thrilled that he is in a good home with someone that loves him. She is someone very special to me and I love her and miss her too. So leaving Ivan with her...she has a little piece of me that she can hug and know that I am hugging her back.


  1. Nice story about the teddy. Letting go of stuff can twist your feelings can't it

  2. Thank you mija! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Malcolm...thank you!


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