Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Corners

A friend of mine started a tradition on Tuesdays called Home Corners. I have been lapse on posting them. But I do so enjoy them so with the house being all decorated for Christmas I definitely wanted to do at least one!

Okay please ignore the crooked pictures. When I was hanging the garland I bumped them and didn't straighten them before taking the picture. The Santa in a Sleigh is a Jim Shore. Master and I both saw him at the same time. It was an after Christmas sale where we had already been to the cash register 2 times before seeing it. Soooo the clerk asked us if wanted to just stick around all day. :)

There are quite a few glass cupboards in Master's house and so I put garland inside on the shelves of each so you can see it. I have some with snowmen, nutcrackers, angels and santa's.

Bears under the Christmas tree. We have kitty cats that sit under the tree too and you will see their faces peeking out from between bears. It is so cute of course hard to catch a picture of it though.

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