Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Review

Going through each month of my blog subject/titles to get quick highlights of the year....

a death
a wedding
trip to Utah
contact from an old friend
sold a piece of art that really meant a lot to me

4 year anniversary with Master
Sent out several Valentine's cookie packages
My sister's came so Master could tape us for a video
zipping through books

March was Q&A month for blogging
A friend lost her infant son
Started a round robin with altered book -- but that has kind of stalled now - and really hope eventually I will get my book back as I really liked what I did with it.

BDSM Easter Eggs
Wrote about hood and included pictures of myself -- which always wigs me out some
Had a really heavy and great month of SM
Wonderful day trip
Remembering our friend that died in 2006 in April

My dog died
Read a really good book by Marge Piercy
Art & Jazz Festival
Bought some really great art
Trip to Denver

Painted the deck...which was oh so fun!
My sister sent me old letters my Mom wrote when she was pregnant with me and when had just been born....they were great stories and really such a treasure to have
Leaving for our trip

visited the town I grew up in
family celebration that I will remember always
The Mermaid Chair
Goodbye to one of my favorite vibrators
Really starting to feel connected to my tarot deck

Celebrating Master's 1 year of owning his own business
Really starting to think about turning 40
Made amazing scones with whole wheat and
Redesigned our website
Contacted by an old friend
Master had to go out of town
I taught a class

Out of town with Master
Finished West Wing
Getting ready for a big trip
Heavy art month for me

Out of town for a couple weeks
Hair really cut off!
Lots of fun decorating for Halloween
Out of town for my birthday
Master spoiling me like a Princess
Seeing my parents for my birthday
7 years of blogging

Wrote an article to be published in March
Project Runway starts! yay! my guilty pleasure
Thanksgiving! Yummy!

Master's BIRTHDAY! yay!
Decorating for Christmas!
Post about the magic of Christmas when I was growing up
Baking Baking Baking
A good friend has her baby! yay! So happy!

Now there were countless times not making the list that were just so special and important to me. There were times of quick afternoon fun with Master. Times snuggled up in bed laughing and talking. Times that just are truly are the moments that make my life special everyday.

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