Thursday, August 09, 2012

30 Days of Kink - Day 8

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic.

Well I am not going to post a photo, but I will link to some that I find erotic - that are over on my tumblr.  I can't just point to one either as too many choices! I find a wide range of photos erotic. I don't need every photo to include kinky things...I like the female body and so many shots I post aren't of bdsm but include elements that I enjoy. I can enjoy something without it turning me on too. It just is a nice feeling looking at them.  If I want to be turned on, I do need to look at BDSM photos.  It has to be bondage, breath play, photos that imply humiliation, force, captivity and pain turn me on.  So if you want to see the wide range of photos - go to my tumblr (if you click on the archive which is on the sidebar of the tumblr - it will give you thumbnail view of photos month by month.)  

So for here for this post.....just pulling out a few select ones.... no order probably not even many of my favorites just photos that turn me on...

Black and White Bondage photo - I just like the way the bondage look. I love rope bondage and every Friday on Tumblr I post just rope bondage photos. Recently I as introduced to a Bondage Photographer that I really am enjoying....

Piggie - She just looks so used with that pig snout on and cum in her hair.

Wax - His hand around her throat, whispering to her, tied up - no place to go while he hold her and drips wax on her - yums

Under water - I love this...well one it is an insex photo and they always turn me on.  Next she is tied up, under water, completely submerged with a tube for breathing, and a grate on top of her like a cage.  So many good things going on. Here are a couple others that are good under water photos - tied up struggling and held under and fucked and held down in bathtub struggling

Worship - I love the look on her face - I get that way sometimes about Master's cock too - where I am inhale and know how truly happy I am to able to be there and about to suck his cock.  Very happy place to be. Camille Crismson of The Art of Blowjob posts good blow job photos

Bodywriting - Master has wrote on me before and it turned me on a lot

Blackeye - I love the thought of having a black eye so looking at that lovely black eye makes me think of it being done to me. I love bruises and marks from Master, but having such an overt one really turns me on.  Another good black eye photo.

Choked - Breath play is one of my favorites so any photo that shows forms of it such as being chocked always get me going.

Over All - gag, bondage, insertable, rope around neck possibly strangling, suction on nipples - just pain and over all deliciousness

Encased - love the overall confinement of this - cut off.  Catsuit, belt straps to restrain, inflatable gag, hood, corset binding, posture collar - all of it makes it very hard to move. Would be very helpless and cut off from the outside world. It turns me on and scares the shit out of me at the same time.

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  1. Thanks for the link to your tumblr site and the many interesting pictures. As a fan of predicament bondage, I enjoyed


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