Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Girl

Hardcore Romance asked the following questions:
It has been my experience that many women enjoy being good girls or at least being called a “good girl.” Why is this? For me I think it is because being called a good girl lets me know I am pleasing him...and doing what I need to be to serve him. Internally it hits those buttons that longs for approval.

Do you like being a good girl or do you like being called a good girl? both. I like being a good girl and pleasing Master. But I also like when he says I am a good girl.

Do you like being a bad girl and getting a spanking in order to make you a good girl? no. If I want a spanking, I ask...then he decides if he wants to give me one or not. But acting out to get one isn't my thing.

Do good girls do all this stuff we enjoy? oh yes! I am a good girl that likes to be a slut and feel my cunt throb and drip.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Cherry on Top

We leave tomorrow or possibly Friday morning for our trip. I am an ironing fool tonight. I hate ironing...I used to do all the ironing growing up and then although I have a serious dress shirt and tie fetish I did all my ex-husbands dress shirts and you know how fun those are to iron. Grrrr. So can I get a slave that just irons? kaya do you think if I beg pretty please with a cherry on top it will work?

kaya did a post on begging today and like her I don't like to beg. I don't get it. I don't get what to say or how to say it. It feels forced and fake when it comes out. It usually isn't what I am feeling inside so just seems empty. And that seems to me to lessen the experience over all. I used to be better at it and I don't know why as the longer I am a slave the harder it becomes for me.

I watched Tim Gunn's Guide to Style tonight - first episode I have had on the recorder forever. I haven't recorded any of the other and now am sorry I didn't. I cried. I am sucker for a touching story. Master said that today about something totally different but it was right....extreme house makeover...makes me cry too. (Just went to look up when Project Runway season 4 starts - November 14th)

I hope to be able to post some from the road. And I do have the phone post number saved on Master's phone but as always I am usually forgetful on using it. I hope to be better but won't promise it.


Okay so I watched todays episode ...and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but still not good. Oprah still did the things she did in the intersex episode where she looked all shocked an embarrassed after doing talk shows as long as she has you would think she would know how to not look shocked. Or have heard almost everything. Anyway the first guest was a doctor and I can't remember her last name but her first name is Pepper. Pepper is 62 and having a great sex life! yay! That is a good thing. She was talking about condoms and that some guys don't like that and that is important to just keep moving to something you can do together then without the condom and keep that passion alive. Okay good that she is using condoms to protect from STD's (she is single by the way) - but one of the things she said is if a man doesn't like a condom then they could do other things such as oral sex. *facepalm* Ummm you can get STD's through oral. It really irritated me that she said that - she is a doctor - a sex doctor and telling people it is okay to have oral without condoms. So that bothered me and that was in the first 15 minutes of the show.

The next guest was a therapist I believe and I actually kind of liked her (until she talked about the open relationship couple). They were talking about how more women buy and like porn these days. And Oprah said that over all the years she has had a talk show she has heard about how many women don't like that their men look at porn how it harms their relationship so she is shocked to find that it isn't that way for some now. The doctor was talking about that porn can be a tool to help your sex life...just as maybe dressing up or having sex in different places like on the kitchen table are all tools to help improve your sex life. Oprah said, "Well then couldn't a question be that they like the outfit or the porn and not the person they are having sex with...." She went on to say something like shouldn't the person they are with be enough to turn them on. And the therapist said...

"The more tools you have to build your home the better and bigger home you will have....same with your sex life."

The last segment was the "open marriage" and I have to say I was surprised by Oprah for the most part still didn't like how she acted. But she surprised me because she said a few times...that adultery isn't the same as open marriage. She didn't always say it in those words but that was the gist. And I was glad she did that. She still did the shocked and embarrassed routine. She says she is open minded and accepting. But her words questions never seem to match - she acts like little kids do when they hear the word penis or sex. The giggle and look all embarrassed she does the same thing and so I don't feel that is very accepting.

I don't believe the open marriage couples feelings of why and how their relationship works got explained very well, but I think that was because of Oprah's questions never gave the couple a chance to clearly explain it. The part that made the audience have a cow was when the woman's husband said that the boyfriend and his wife go to the guest room and spend the night together. And that is when Oprah said, "okay you lost me now." She didn't get that at all but she didn't give them a chance to explain it at all either. When I found out that there was going to be a poly couple on the show, I knew because of the main topic being about SEX show that everyone going was think an open relationship is about sex instead of love and that is EXACTLY what happened so that pissed me off. And no matter how much the couple said it wasn't about sex - no was getting that. Even the therpist that I had liked before seemed to make it about sex. So no one was understanding that the couple can love more then one person.

Another thing that pissed me off was in the last 2 minutes of the show. Oprah comes back after commercial break with things on next shows or announcement type things. She said there is a movie coming out titled "Why did I get married" and she wanted people to go to and answer that question. She turned to the couple and said "I don't want to know why you guys got married." In a VERY rude tone. It really pissed me off. I mean obviously she didn't hear a word the couple said because they talked about how they loved each other and committed to their relationship, enjoy each other and want to grow old together.

I am so glad I don't watch Oprah very often she would be making me scream at the tv a lot.


We are done with West Wing we are watching Angel. The other night we started an episode that made me get mad and yell at the tv saying that Joss is a mean mean man for not letting us be happy. It's the last episode with Doyle. Master said you need to do a grr and so I did. And he started laughing so hard. It was one of those laughs I thought he might start crying he was laughing so hard. It was nice to make him laugh like that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today on Oprah...

Oprah's show is going to be about sex today but I have heard from a good friend she is going to have someone that is poly on it too.

Find out when it is on in your area.

Show description from Oprah's website:
Today's Show: 237 Reasons to Have Sex
Don't miss the sex talk your parents never had about open marriages, sex over 60 and "friends with benefits." We are going under the covers to understand what is really going on in America's bedrooms

* this icon I used is a poly symbol


I made kind of an Italian stew on last week....combined great northern beans, browned ground Italian sausage, diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, onions, green & yellow peppers, chicken stock and cooked in the crock for 6/7 hours about 30 minutes before serving I added some cooked elbow noodles. The sausages I use come from Sam's and they have so much flavor that they flavored it a lot. Topped with some grated parmesan cheese. And served with homemade French bread. It turned out pretty good. Master said it is a keeper.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Positive Monday

5 Good Things in my Life...
1. Apples and Peanut Butter
2. Feeling creative and actually getting some art work done
3. The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton - so far I am enjoying it
4. Biscuits - made some for dinner and they tasted so good!
5. My robe and slippers as it is chilly here tonight....feels like fall!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kinky Blogs

Do you have a lifestyle blog that you would like me to list on our website? Leave me a comment!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Southplains and Southwest

Master and I would both love to go to a leather event we haven't went to one in a quite a long time. Anyway I was looking at the prices today for Southwest Leather Conference and Southplains Leather Fest.
I need to say this though
I know it is expensive to put on these events. I know that most of the time they don't make anything off them - barely getting enough to pay all the costs associated with it.

But I am having a little sticker shock...
I added up 4 nights hotel, 2 registrations fees and then some things that were extras - Southplains Leather Fest came up $300 less then Southwest. The main thing that made Southplains less expensive was their hotel cost - it is only $66 verse $99 at Southwest. One thing that seemed new to me on pricing and made both go up was charging for onsite play party/dungeon - $20 per person. Southplains has 3 nights of play space so that is $20 per person per night. Even figuring 3 nights of play times 2 people I still came up $300 less then Southwest - and that is not adding in Sunday Brunch or any of the other extras on there yet.

With travel expenses and food...the prices just go up and so I am a little discouraged at the moment.

Supports Gay Marriage...

a video of the San Diego Mayer saying he is supporting gay marriage....he is very choked up and emotional. It gave me tears.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Took out Halloween decorations today! yay! I am looking forward to putting them up. Last year I didn't decorate but got some decorations after Halloween...a table runner and towels. I hope to be able to actually put them around tomorrow as I didn't have time today. But still nice to see all the orange and black sitting on the dining room table waiting for me.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I am glad it is a new week as last week was pretty bad. Because of the bad week, I have really pulled into myself. I am trying to pretend I don't have a headache today. So far it is working marvelously (yes sarcasm).

I have a lot of work to do today...and this week for that fact.

That is all...I know not much of a post but as I said in the first line...pulling into myself right now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nothing More than Busy

This have been so busy - first being sick and then Master had a last minute project that really has taken us every hour of the day to just get going in the right direction.

I have had a ton of emails this week from friends and also just people writing after reading here or the website. Please know I will get back to as soon as possible. I am not ignoring you! :)

It is getting cooler here in the evening and I am getting so geared up for fall. It is my favorite time of the year and I don't think it is just because my birthday is in the fall - especially not this year in turning 40. Not looking forward to that at all.

I did a Mexican dish in the crockpot on Sunday and it made me get all excited for fall cooking in the crockpot...stews and soups especially! Yummy! The Mexican dish I threw together was 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into 1 inch strips that I coated in a mixture of taco seasoning and flour - threw them in the crock, then added half a bag of stir fry peppers and onions, 1 can of diced tomatoes with the juice, 1 can green diced chilis (well almost the whole can), 3/4 cup salsa, 1 can beans drained and rinsed (I wanted to add 1 can black beans and 1 can pinto beans but I didn't have both so only one can of black beans went in). I cooked for 6 hours and then served over some rice topped with some sour cream and grated Monterey jack cheese.

Well I need to get busy as we have a ton of things to do. Hopefully tonight I can start catching up on blogs, comments and emails!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Again...Home Again...Jiggity Jig

We are home. Our plans weren't the ideal as I got sick.

Monday night we arrived with me starting to feel stuffy and achy. Tuesday I woke up with goopy, red eyes and wheezing, aching and stuffy. It just got worse as the day went on. I ended up sleeping most of Tuesday. Yesterday was an odd day because Master's schedule didn't quite go right so I hung out in the building he was working. They had a cafeteria so I sat next to the window that had a gorgeous view of the mountains. I sat there drinking a diet coke, reading and just people watching for about 6 hours. I was still feeling really sick or I would have went to the mall or something as Master offered me the car. But with fever going on and off at times, wheezing and blowing my nose - I thought best just to stay put and read.

We got on the road to head home about 5pm. We stopped and had pizza at this place that is kind of known in Colorado. I had never had it before but we have talked about going there many time but it just never worked out. Well last night we did go and it was really good pizza! On our way home we hit bad storms. I am not thrilled with thunder and lightning in the first place but to have it going off around us in the car plus really hard rain....I pretty much freaked out. We finally got home at 10pm and it was still storming here so we just unloaded and then went to bed shortly after.

I am still feeling pretty bad. My eyes at least aren't so red. But my lungs feel really heavy.

Glad we are home. Today we are doing a few things but nothing much so I can rest still.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Have Toys will Travel

I feel like I have been crashing today. I don't like that feeling but Master and I discussed it and we understand it. So today just has been getting ready to go out of town tomorrow.

It is always fun to be told to pack toys and know I am going to be hurt with said toys I pack. On one hand of course I want to play and I love when Master causes me pain and pleasure. But on the other hand..he is going to cause me pain with those toys! :)

He did request is rope. He said he wanted all our rope! yay! I am very excited about that! One year at Thunder he saw a bondage workshop and after the class we headed to the vendor area to buy rope from Rainbow Rope. He bought some dark red rope and some black (darker colors to lay on my pale skin was the thought). Since then a friend made us cuffs ankle and wrist cuffs to match a posture collar Master bought for our 1st anniversary....anyway they are dark purple and of course tonight while packing the purple and black cuffs and the dark red and black rope - I thought we should get some purple rope sometime. I would really like some more hemp rope and Monk makes purple.

Yesterday after Master's fantasy football draft, we headed to the bedroom as I asked Master if I could give him a blow job. He thought that sounded okay. And I have to say it was a ROCK STAR blow job! Really I think it was the best blow job I have ever given to Master...maybe ever given as everything just worked just as I wanted it too. And it was one of those that I could just take my time and we both enjoyed it a lot.

I made paninis for dinner to get read of some deli turkey we had in the fridge before we leave. They were really good. I did Asiago cheese rolls, light ranch dressing, turkey bacon, roasted peppers, swiss cheese and then deli turkey. They turned out very yummy! The brownies I made the other day turned out much more cakey then they usually do. I think I may have added an extra 1/4 cup of flour.

While out of town, I probably won't be posting Master's lap top will be with him working. I am bringing a book, my paper journal, and I think some note cards and postcards to send out some mail love while he is working. I need to pack up those things and then my make up case and meds (note need to grab my new migraine medicine bottle). I should probably get the cooler too with some pop, water and ice tea. Oh maybe bring some tea packets too so I can have hot tea while reading.

We will probably be pack late on Wednesday. We need to leave fairly early tomorrow as people will be coming down off the mountains back into the city from the long weekend so it will probably take us a while to get to Denver since it is the holiday weekend.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


We have had a fantastic weekend so far...


* presents! Master bought me 2 DVD's - Dirty Dancing and The Quiet Man and then the book The Secret Life of Bees! He had read where I posted wanting to have the book and so he went out and hunted it down for me. Isn't He the bestest?

* Nice dinner, good wine that hit me fast, watching some West Wing - one of our favorite episodes Shutdown in season 5 - I was cheering and I have seen it many times.

* Sex...of course...being fucked, giving Master a blow job, some masturbating (as I have a total thing about watching Master masturbate), collared and leashed, sitting at Master's feet (which if anyone knows me this usually isn't a big thing for me as weird as that sounds coming from a slave)

* Being able to snuggle up next to Master in bed to sleep

* Being woke up at 5am with a hand in my hair pulling and his other hand squeezing a breast fairly hard. Which moved to punching, squeezing, twist, slapping my breasts and breath play and then followed by being fucked really hard so that I was pretty much passed a well used whore. We laid in the after glow of good sex and both became hungry so in our way that we do...we both were thinking of breakfast - the same place. So I asked Master what he thought of going to the diner. And he just shook his head because he had been thinking of the same thing. Master sent me to go call to see what time they opened while he rested from our fun.

* Breakfast, errands, grocery shopping - I wore the thin leather collar out and about too.

* A nap - where I was attached to the bed by my ankle first time in a very long time (because I have a lot of problems sleeping that way - but I knew I was so tired it wouldn't affect me). It was a fairly long nap and I am still tired. Master said I am probably catching up on sleep from when he was out town - because I don't sleep much while he gone.....4 hours a night is average.

I have been doing laundry all day so that I can get us packed tomorrow night to head back out of town for a few days but I get to go this time! Master is doing his draft thing.

I have been surfing for widgets...I want a mood widget but having problems finding one. I did sign up for twitter today though. Not sure if I will keep up with it or even like it but have heard about it a lot lately so thought I would try it out.

It has just been so nice to have him at be able to touch, kiss, snuggle, hug and all the other fun things we do! He just messaged me to say he is almost done with his draft and I think we are heading to the bedroom after.
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