Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Horoscope for Free Will Astrology

Interesting...I think I should ponder this for a while and see what I am in the closet about...

For the week of May 26th...
Libra (September 23-October 22)
We're all in the closet in one way or another. Every one of us feels that there's some part of ourselves we've got to hide; that if we reveal the totality of who we really are, we will suffer. For example, U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Stout, who was wounded and got a Purple Heart for his service in Iraq, ultimately decided he was tired of being secret about his homosexuality. As a result, he can't re-enlist, even though he'd like to. My psychotherapist friend Alicia has always used astrology in her practice, but only recently chose to be open about it. Some of her colleagues broke off relations when she told them. According to my reading of the omens, Libra, it's an ideal time to carefully come out of whatever closet you've been in. I'm not saying there'll be no repercussions; just that you'll have clarity and strength as you deal with them. And the freedom you create with your brave revelation will change everything for the better.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Topics: Migraines Again, Train of Thought, Random Odds-n-Ends

Migraine Follow Up....

Okay so I jinxed myself Tuesday by writing about my migraines. I woke up with a 9 on Wednesday and it was between would move from between a 6 and 9 all day. By the way that scale to me could use some more levels and such towards the end...such as I feel there is a level between 7 and 10 or maybe 2 or 3. Such to me as there is a level - that it hurts to see, touch, hear, and smell - but I am not breaking down crying and I am not needing to go the ER. And that is where a lot of my bad migraines hit. It is hard to function but I don't am not breaking down or needing to go the ER. The list is useful but it could be a lot better.

So anyway my jinxing myself led to a 3-day string of migraines. Thursday’s was less and Friday’s was horrible. Master MADE me stay inactive all day to keep it going down to nothing.

I feel guilty on days like Wednesday and Friday because it was a 9 when I woke up on Wednesday. And so my duties and serving Master suffers greatly...such as breakfast...He had to get because I can't cook when it is a 9. I am not able to focus or concentrate enough to make sense.

But the other days I have been able to function....doing housework and artwork. Sometimes I have to be careful what types of work I do though during migraines as smells can spike it up to a 9 quickly. Such as the night I colored I had a slight one and the crayon smell got to me....yes crayons. So I only could color that one picture even though I wanted to color a few more.

Questions I have been asked since the last migraine post:
How does your Master handle it?
He really does great at being understanding about it. I think though at times it confuses Him that I can be in such pain and have just washed the floors and done 3 loads of laundry. It is because I have taught myself that at times I just have to function -- no matter what -- otherwise I could be swallowed up in all there is to do if I put it off until I feel "better." There are some days though I can't function....that I can't push myself more then I have or do. But there are other days I can push myself a little to get more done.

Does He understand what you can and can’t do?
As I said above I think I confuse him at times because I will have just done several things but have a migraine and so at times He think He can’t understand when I request to put off something due to a migraine when I could do other things.

Do you get sick of people asking you if you are okay and you having to say it is just another headache?
When people ask me how I am, if I am having any allergy stuff going on or a migraine, I say I am okay. Because it is so a part of me that I don’t even answer the question accurately. But I think I did start doing that because I did get sick of saying I have a headache or I am having allergies. I know that there are some people who think I am always sick. So, I just get sick of having to explain this is normal for me and so even though I have a headache well…this is how it is all the time.

Thank you everyone for all the comments/emails about the migraines….I appreciate all the input, support and caring! You are so great!

Okay so I am was sitting here thinking about migraines and solutions….and I so this is how my strange mind works...I have a weird train of thought...

Thought 1 - Wishing I could control my migraines more through meditation or thought...which led me to think about....(by the way I have tried but the focus is so lost when in a migraine that I can't do it through meditation)

Thought 2 - I have stopped myself from being sick and throwing up. Or I have even stopped my period from coming when I was an escort because I had several dates set up.

Which led me to think about one of those times...

Thought 3 - I had a special client...one of my favorites coming in town. He came in town just to see me. And he was such a great client. He would always tip and bring gifts. And even more so he was just a lot of fun to be with and spend time with! We had a lot of hot, fun times together.

So, yes my train of thought is weird.

I do that a lot….Master will ask me what I am thinking about and it will start off on one thing and go to the next and they are related in my mind but He is sitting there with a blank stare like how did we just go from discussing history and move to laundry detergent but it has happened.

Okay…next…some random odds-n-ends….

Kitchen Aid is GREAT! I made muffins and sinful torte on Saturday morning.

Diet Coke with Splenda….I like it but it is different then diet coke. It kind of reminds me of Diet Rite or Tab.

Dark Chocolate M&M’s…..Oh My Gawd! They are so good! But so rich!

Challah bread in the oven right now...it smells so good.

Shopping today – Spent $66 at Michael’s. They had a 50% off one item coupon in the paper today so I used that but of course bought more….they had some good sales on some bigger ticket items I had been wanting. As I told Daddy when we got home, I am going to have a fun summer with all my art stuff!

We are going on a hike next weekend so I need some clothes that would work better then I have now. Master even had me try on pants for it but I couldn’t do it and He did not like them either. So I got a lightweight jean skirt that I think will work well. (I have hiked in skirts before so knew what I was looking for). Then I also got a couple shirts that will go with some the jean skirt but also a couple other summer skirts I have – so it all we need to make sure is that my timberlands hiking sandals are more broke in so I will be wearing them around the house this week while cleaning and such.

Some day I might have to tell about the Karma of shopping today. I made a statement and it came back to bit me in the ass. But not yet….too soon to repeat it…this is more just for a reminder to talk about it sometime – maybe.

It has been a nice weekend even though Master and I have spent some of it working! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

ps: I will get to all the comments later tonight or tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Migraines...and Pain

Through having a conversation about migraines in my comment section awhile back....I decided to write about my migraines.

I get them a lot. I started getting them when I was a teenager. That is when my Grandfather appeared and when my Mom’s too. My Grandfather did not grow out of them but my Mom's did stop her late 20's. So anyway, I got them when I was a teenager... I think it was around 14...it might have been 12 though I am not remembering it clearly when they started as it is just something I feel like I have always had with me.

I have always got them around my period. My hormones bouncing all over during that time causes an imbalance in my system thus a migraine develops. I know when they first appeared I got them rarely when stressed, but mostly when my body was going through something like period, flu, over tired…then they would hit. But just stress causing them did not happen until I was in high school.

Still to this day I get them due to all sorts of reasons – allergies, stress, over-tired, sick, period, smoke, high blood pressure, brightness or flickering lights and so on. Then again they have happened for no apparent reason also. As I said my migraines have no rhyme or reason at times. I don’t go a week without one usually. Then other times I will have them for several days or a week at a time. The migraines mixed with my allergies and there is hardly a day ever that passes that I don’t have some type of pain.

According to this scale, I am never less than 2 or 3. But more usually 3-5. When I talked about having days or a week of migraines my pain is usually a 7 or 8 with moments of 4 to 6. I have had 9 and 10’s too. But it has been a while since I have had a 9 and a much longer time that I had a 10.

I have become so used to it that it just almost seems normal to have pain. When the Lortadine D works, it is amazing. I remember the first time I took it and did not have pain – I was stunned and thought wow this is what it feels like…this is great! But the Lortadine D does not always work for my allergies. And usually my migraines – even if I take something and it takes it down – the pain is never gone completely.

The next question usually is what do the doctors say....

Well over the years I have given up they can help me. I have tried over the years. One told me it in my head (yes I laughed and said you are right it is) and then the others have ran test after test to find nothing. And they have prescribed several medications. But none of them ever seem to do anything but drug me out or make me sick.

My Grandfather who had migraines...died of an aneurysm. And so that gets to me at times when I have migraines - especially when the pain is a 9 or 10. But otherwise I just try to live each day however I can with the pain.

Feeling....Little Girl

Yesterday I was feeling in a little girl mood...

After I cleaned up the bedroom, I took out my dolls and played with them for a bit. It was a nice reprieve from the daily grind.

Then last night when we went to bed, I was not as sleepy as Daddy so I pulled out a coloring book and crayons. I colored Daddy a picture from my Clifford coloring book and then laid it on His desk so it was the first thing He saw this morning. He loved it.

da picture
- nothing fancy just coloring Clifford

Mood: Blah - fighting a migraine
Music: Norah Jones

Friday, May 20, 2005

Domestic Bliss!

Master just bought me a KitchenAid! I have wanted one for a long time, but just kept putting off getting one. But tonight when I showed Master the deal on them He told me to get His credit card! Yay yay! I am a lucky girl!

If you were thinking of getting one, Amazon has a great deal on them right now. Plus add in their special promotional code for kitchen and housewares.

Yay me....doing a domestic bliss dance!

Thank you Master!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Explaination...Book Tag....

So someone asked me why these books - from the book tag post - mean so much to me...

1. The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho

Two fold answer...actually all of them will probably have more then one reason...

First part - DM, a good friend of mine, recommended the book to me. She actually recommended the author. I requested that she give me a suggestion on which Paulo Coelho book to read first. At that time she suggested, I read The Valkyries. And for that time in my life it was the perfect Coelho book. That was the summer of 2001.

Second part - The books is about love, relationships and spiritual-self journey. I think most people get different things out of books. But over-all Coelho's books are about spiritual-self journeys. His books are a mixture of well...religion...spirituality and mysticism. Coelho is a Christian, but his form of Christianity is very different then the one I was brought up on. But I am not sure I label myself as a Christian these days. I have some Christian beliefs, but mixed with mysticism, Buddhism and just self-spirituality.

Okay back on topic...The Valkyries...

It is a "true" story...a story of a journey in Coelho's life...it is a story of the acceptance of love. It is a journey of love intermixed with trust, faith, and forgiveness. It is the story of becoming our spiritual self while battling the darkness inside. It is a story of relationships and accepting love in relationships.

As I said this book has some Christian based ideas in it, but those parts for me did not over power the book. The ideas that came through were much like ideas that came through in The Celestine Prophecy to me - it spoke of universal ideas and spirituality.

The main thing I got out of the book....we are responsible for everything that happens...in our lives and in our world. And with love and openness to what comes our way, we can change things. If we start to look at the world with love then that force...will give back to the world and ourselves in abundance. Hokey? Maybe but I believe it.

One last thing....a quote...being the quote whore I am...it is a favorite quote of mine and is on the main page of our website..."He knew one of the women well, and had shared his universe with her. They had seen the same mountains, and the same trees, although each of them had seem them differently. She knew his weaknesses, his moments of hatred, of despair. Yet she was there at his side. They shared the same universe."

2. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

I read this book at the end of 1996 or around beginning of 1997. I read about it in a magazine I used to get that I loved called, "Catalist." (The magazine went out of print - sorry to say - because I loved that magazine and still have all my issues - less then 2 years worth published.)

The Celestine Prophecy is probably the book that actually led to my divorce, but I am sure my ex-husband would not say that - his answer would it that it was the internet.

The reason I think it was The Celestine Prophecy....is because it woke me up....to myself. I had been sleepwalking in the world. I woke up after I read this book and realized there was so much more I was suppose to be doing in this world. I realized that so many times have had things happen to try to wake me up and I let them go by. So after this book, I woke up and starting living life and looking at life differently - using many of the tools I learned from The Celestine Prophecy insights.

Bad point of this book it has a horrible...horrible...writing style. (though of course, much better then mine.) It is written in very simple sentences - structure and words. It is written for the masses...so that all people can read this book and "get it." But looking past the horrible writing style....the ideas and concepts outlined in the book are life tools....spiritual tools.

3. The Forgetting Room by Nick Bantock

I put this book on my list of favorites because of what it did for my art. But this book does have some bad memories associated with it also. But I still put it on my list of favorites because of how much it impacted my artistic side. It opened me up in my art more then I can ever explain - so that outweighs the bad memories associated with it.

But I don't think what I got from it...is what most people reading the book would get out of it. The story is a good story and if you liked the Griffin and Sabine Series then you'll most likely enjoy The Forgetting Room too.

4. The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

Again of course Coelho's books were recommended to me by DM. Each time I have went to go get a book of his I ask her what she thinks would be a good one to read next. (which I should do that again as I think it is time for another one).

When I listed this book I was debating between this one and Mindfulness in Plain English.

I liked The Pilgrimage because of again the spiritual journey Coelho takes us (the reader) on. The journey for me was important for me - at this point - in my spiritual journey. Some tasks he does on his journey -- I have done and they helped me.

The journey of the simplicity of life...awareness of life. Which is the reason why I debated between the Mindfulness in Plain English...because to me it teaches similar concepts.

5. Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson

I guess I am not surprised to find this book on many service-oriented submissives top 5 books.

Guardian and nuala gave this book to me...I even have the card they gave me with it in it to this day. I first saw it at their home many years ago and wanted to get it. Because I could tell that it had so much useful information in it for being a servant. And I just never got around to buying it. And then several years ago they gave it to me. So it is special to me because they gave it to me....

And also because it is a useful tool as a servant...

It gives so much information on the art and science of keeping a house....from food storage, to what to stock in a pantry, how to launder certain types of clothing, how to get stains out of clothing, fabric and carpet, how to make bed properly, how to set a table, how to cut down on allergy problems witin your home, how often to turn your mattress, how to care for your books, making a house safe legally - insurance, liability and so on. There is so much information in this book and I use it quite a bit when organizing and setting up Master house to run efficiently and easily.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tagged....Book Tag

Well I have been...Tagged...

1) Total number of books I've owned.

Oh my gawd there is no way to even estimate this as I am a huge book whore...ask Master...or Nuala. When I move, books and clothes always have the most boxes. I know I had to cut down on lots of books when I moved here as they are so heavy to move. So I think I probably had around 300 books this time. When I moved to Ohio, it was even more -- I know because when I packed up this last time I had boxes upon boxes upon boxes that I gave to goodwill and friends.

2) The last book I bought.

Well the last book Master bought me, probably Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey which was forever ago but I have a many books to read already. I actually have started Kushiel's Dart several times and just can't get into it. Lately when we go to Border's I have been getting Art Magazines.

Edit: I realized after reading annissa's list that Kushiel's Dart is not the last book that Master bought me....Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhist Reflections on Everyday Life.

3) The Last Book I read
The Academy by Laura Antoniou.

4) 5 books that mean alot to you...

1. The Valkyries by Paulo Coehlo
2. Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
3. The Forgetting Room by Nick Bantock
4. The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coehlo
5. Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson

It was hard to just chose 5 books. I have so many that are favorites....a few on Buddhism that always sit on my desk and close to me always. There are many art books too. Then add in those for pure entertainment....such as Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I have read the whole series.

So my book collection contains books on Buddhism,spirituality, tarot, art, cookbooks, graphic art, politics, how-to, self-awarness (discovery/help), meditation, fiction, and autobiographies. Plus smut and all that kind of wonderful stuff too. The books I chose above are because of how the impacted my life and/or because of the people that gave them to me.

Oh and the person that tagged me thought I would be into Buffy the Vampire books...I actually am not....I loved the TV show but never got into books or fanfiction...I know I am strange. But I do like books about vampires - the series I mention above is great. I did enjoy the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and I have another series on my wish list by Kelley Armstrong.

5) Tag 5 people and request they fill this out on their journals

(wow it is was hard for me to just pick 5 people)

1. Nuala
2. Annissa
3. Invidia
4. Sinnamon
5. Freya

So begging...please please.....accept the Book Tag!

Life Update

It has been kind of busy around here as usual...but so busy I am just not able to post that much. How come it is when I can't post I have a zillion topics go through my head that I want to write about but then when I have time...those topics seem to escape like socks in a dryer?

- We watched - The Story of O (70's version). The movie was kind of lame - of course there were moments gave me little wiggles but for the most part it was just kind of boring. I thought the woman that played O was pretty. She reminded me of Gia - the supermodel. Anyway, the book was better and actually made me want to reread the book. Master and I did play and have sex though after the movie. After we discussed how in the movie O was not very submissive in the movie...at least that was our opinion. She was sexually submissive and expressive. Such as one point in the movie she sent Sir Stephen roses and the maid had walked in while they were playing and she got all upset about it....and acted very disrespectful to the maid and then of course ultimately towards Sir Stephen -- in my opinion.

- Master had the day off. I made bran muffins for breakfast. They were really good and brought back good memories of my Mom making them. After breakfast, we actually went back to bed. It was such a nice nap! We spent the afternoon running around doing errands - haircuts, paid bills, lunch, Target, Borders and home. Master bought a new shelving unit for the laundry room and then He bought His princess some art supplies and 2 magazines! (I looked for some dolls at Target -- that someone recommended to me but our local store did not have them.) We took a drive before heading home. I grilled hamburgers for dinner and then we watched The Phantom of the Opera. Made a run to the grocery store....I had a woman be kind of rude to me in the store.

The Phantom of the Opera was GREAT! I loved it. I have been playing The Phantom of the Opera CD (Original 1986 London Cast) - with Sarah Brightman over and over today. And Master is getting me the movie soundtrack as well! It is a movie that I want to watch again soon and over and over again too.

Saturday - We did things around the house. I had to color my hair as I was seeing too much gray. I hate that this year has been the year of gray appearing. We played a little - Master spanked me and then we had sex. For dinner I made homemade pizza....with a whole wheat herb dough. It turned out pretty good. After that we did our weekly grocery shopping. It was quick trip though - as we are pretty stocked up at the moment.

After our shopping trip, we had a rough time....Master and I have had a hard time communicating lately and are trying to find ways to be better at it. When we went to bed, I had an emotional break down - a really bad one. I have not had one like it probably for 5 years. It was very scary for me, but I ended up being able to pull myself back into my center -- breath and meditate to calmness. I did not get to sleep until almost 4am. And of course had a migraine appeared because of the emotional overload -- took stuff for it though so that it was gone by morning.

Sunday - Mid-week Master said something about surprising His family. There was a family event on Sunday - so Master decided since we had the time to get over there have a few hours with them and head back. Everyone was very surprised, but happy to see us! And it was nice to see them. We spent 8 hours (4 hours there/4 hours back) in the car and 2 1/2 hours at the event. It was a nice day though. Except because of the emotional attack the night before and my allergies -- I could barely see. I wore sunglasses all day -- even until we got home at 10:30pm. All the lights on the road were even hurting my eyes.

Something I love about days like Sunday is we laughed. We have been doing that a lot actually lately even with the communication problems. We made each other laugh and smile. It is those simple moments that make me feel such joy to be His. And Sunday had many moments like that.

- Master had to do some household things...our air conditioner was not working so He spent the morning fixing that and then He had to run to the office to do some work. He is off the rest of the week though!

I made bran muffins again and then cleaned while playing the Phantom of the Opera CD. Master announced before He left that I should not worry about dinner...that we were going out. He told me where and so I instantly thought -- "oh I can dress up." So after He left for work I got out a dress that is His favorite on me. I think the dress would look even better if I had a corset under it because it is made for hour glass figure. It has seaming down the entire dress that shows off the curves and the skirt sways each step I take in my high heels.

He was smiling when He saw me come out of the house. I am glad He liked it.

Tuesday - Woke up with a migraine. I believe it is my pre-menstrual migraine yay me! -- NOT! Today is really the only day of the week that Master can completely veg - so I suggested He do that. I really want to work on some art as I have several projects going that I want to get finished. I also have stuff to do around the house as we have been so busy I feel like I have gotten behind on so many things. But not sure how much I will accomplish with the migraine hanging on.

One more Thing...

The outfit...

Ray, a friend of mine asked me to describe the outfit I was wearing that I mentioned in a post. It is an outfit that whenever I wear it...Master attacks and uses me quite thoroughly...

Black shiny shirt...it is Master's shirt actually. It is men's club wear...at least that is what it looks like to me. Not that Master goes clubbing....He bought it because it does look like good fetish wear.

Anyway, it is slinky and shiny - shiny like that lycra that is exercise outfits. But without the lyrca. As this is very flimsy fabric. This is a t-shirt that is very clingy, shiny and then kind of see through. I wore that evening with black satin panties that Master likes....black thigh highs plus black heels that have silver spikes outlining the shoe.

So when Master got home He drug me to the bedroom upon seeing me. Yay! When I wear that shirt, I always get attacked no matter what if I wear it alone, with a skirt, with just some thigh highs or pantyhose or what ever. Master has a fetish for tight, shiny outfits. I do have to say though the combination with the heels and shirt seem to put Him even over the top. Those heels are another favorite of His.

So there you have it Ray!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Tipping the Velvet....

I am going to try not to do any spoilers....

I remember seeing commercials for Tipping the Velvet on the BBC almost 2 years ago. I did a search for it on cable so I could DVR it....and found it coming on at similar times Master has something set so I hoped it would be on again. I would search for it every once in a while but then gave up.

Just watching the commercial for Tipping the Velvet, mesmerized me. I knew it was something I really wanted to see, but did not think it would ever be possible. Oddly enough I never thought of doing a search for it online to get more info about it. But that was back when Master had dial up so I tried to do little online.

By the time we got Netflix, the name pretty much escaped me....I knew it had Velvet in it. And I knew it was set Victorian England and about lesbians. Well being a little slow on the features of Netflix - I did not get right away that you could put in a word and search for it. So, I just sifted through all the Gay/Lesbian movies and could not find it. Eventually I figured out you can search by just a word - Velvet. I found it right away that way - added it to to my queue and moved it up to the top!

And oh my! I completely enjoyed it! It is one of those where I was literally fanning myself at points. Delicious! I have both the book and DVD added to my wish list as well as some other Sarah Water's novels. She is the author of the book of the same name.

The DVD is divided into 3 episodes and really I wish it could have gone on and on and on. So the story is basically a coming of age story for a young woman in Victorian England. She falls in love with a woman who is a male impersonator on stage. They end up joining together to do an act. I still have the song from their first stage appearance together in my head. I love the filming of that part - it was a great montage of them.

The filming - visually - was stunning. There is a part where her heart is broken and she is healing and they did such neat film affects.

Tipping the Velvet was incredible - an unforgettable move that made me just want more of it. I mean they ended it well, but I still wanted more! The screenwriter Andrew Davies says it is, "a sort of Pride & Prejudice with 'Naughty Bits'..." And I agree! Good thing we did watch it on DVD instead of on TV because they cut out lots of it for TV.

It is just not the naughty bits that I like though - the story to me was excellent. It is filled with unforgettable, engaging characters, splendid costumes, humor and drama - incredible touching moments and romance with beautiful, charming actresses. We started watching late at night and thought we might not get through it all since it was late...but we could not stop watching so stayed up to watch all 3 episodes.

The main character is Nan Astley is played by Rachael Stirling who is Diana Riggs (The Avengers) daughter. And during it I thought she look a little familiar but could not place why and gave up trying to figure it out as the story just engaged me so much. Some reviews I read said that the characters were too pretty - especially the lead - and I get why they said that but I also think - it worked out fine and it was an enjoyable film because Nan's story made me want to know me want to know more...she was appealing to me.

So I recommend this movie...it is one I watched 3 times before sending it back and I am still raving about it.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Life Update

Thursday - I dressed in one of Master's favorites - it is one of those that we always end up having lots of hot sex! Master pretty much grabbed me by the hair and drug me to the bedroom as soon as He saw me. He squeezed my tits hard, kissed me hard and then spanked me hard before letting me continue with dinner. After dinner though -- was another story --I was drug off the bedroom again where we played, I gave Master a blow job! And we had lots of fun!

- Was Pizza and Movie night. While we watched Spiderman 2, I organized collage items. I cut and tore out items in ads, magazines, and junk mail -- then sorted them into plastic envelope type thingies. I found some luscious papers and such in my wine magazine. While going through junk mail, I found a Lowe's gift card. It was $10 off a $25 purchase. I showed it to Master right away as it expired on May 1. He said, "what will we get there?" I listed a few things we needed and He said, "okay" - so we put that on the schedule for Saturday.

Saturday - I woke up with a note from Master saying he went to grab breakfast for us! That was so nice! We had breakfast and then got ready to go out for the day. We spent 3 hours in Lowe's..yes 3 hours....and my did we find things. We left spending quite a bit. Oh, I was in heaven in Lowe's for collage supplies...paint chips are my friend. I also found some tack cloth that I am going to use in a painting...gluing it to the canvas before I paint it After that we ran home to have some lunch and then back out. On to Home Depot to find the other things we could not find at Lowe's -- and then on to Pet SMART. We needed kitty cat food. They had all sorts of cats in cages at the front for adoption. We saw 2 that looked like our boy cat. They were so cute. Master of course made friends with them all.

I made one of Master's favorite for dinner Beef Stroganoff and then we watched Tipping the Velvet...which will be a whole post on its own...as oh oh my I loved it! I watched it 3 times before sending back to netflix.com. I think Master thought He would be bored and wanting to go to bed soon but He ended up watching the whole thing with me and really enjoyed it also. I remember when it was advertised on the BBC -- I had wanted to watch it then but glad I waited for the DVD as all the erotic sex scenes were cut out for TV.

Sunday - I awoke to another note while he ran out to get a newspaper - this note was wishing me a happy anniversary - 2 years 3 months. That was very thoughtful! I am a lucky girl. After Master came home, we made breakfast together...which seems to have become our Sunday morning ritual. I did art stuff while Master napped in the afternoon. Later on we did our grocery shopping. I was feeling really off all day. I hate when that happens. Master snuggled with me and gave me loves to help me feel better.

This week will be busy I have to get a website up....so I will be hurried through stuff which I hate.
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