Friday, April 11, 2014

March Roundup

Newest to oldest on blog...
His, Not My Own by destiny
Consensual Issues Part 2 by Master
Masochistic Judgements by destiny
Consensual Issues Part 1 by Master
Slut Taking a Walk in the Woods by danae
Expected Guilt, Unexpected Help by destiny

Essays added to in March
Forget the Sticks and Stones
Tips for BDSM Beginners - I added this to the website in March 2014, but wrote it last year.


Our website is having a birthday. We are celebrating 2014 with 6 giveaways. (count it SIX!!!) The first giveaway started last night: a brand new set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs - all the 411 details and how to enter: within Reality's Birthday Giveaway

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