Wednesday, April 06, 2011


We were in Target on Saturday - one of my favorite stores! And several of their employees had t-shirts on that say:

"real passion
real commitment
real difference"

And it reminded me of the couple we had lunch with just moments before.

A week before we met a like-minded couple that were thinking of moving to our town. We had coffee with them and talked for over 2 hours. It was such a pleasure to get to know them as they were so nice. And that slogan from Target made me think of them as they have a passion for the lifestyle, they have a commitment to each other and they have made a real difference in each others lives and now ours - even in just 2 meetings.

After coffee, we set up to have lunch and had lunch that lasted just as long as coffee the week before. When we confirmed lunch the night before, we were told they weren't moving here. And it was such a disappointment. I teared up.

It was really nice to share with like-minded people again. We don't really have a community here (yet*). And one of my things all along in living here has been that I don't have any like-minded friends. In Ohio, I had a lot of FANTASTIC friends! I miss them all so much. And I know I will never be able to replace them but I would love to have some like-minded friends here. So the thought of having this couple here made me very happy. I just felt us connect in those two meetings so it was sad to hear they weren't going to stay but I totally understood their reasons.

And even though they are not moving here we will keep in touch and are glad we made friends with such a great couple.

This couple has read our blogs. And although I have met others that have read our blogs, it always a little un-nerving to know that they know all these words. Not that there has been much here in the last year or so. But I know this couple has follow our blogs quite a long time as they knew quite a lot about us.

* yet - our town has had a few munches none of them we have been able to attend due to work. They aren't consistent yet either.

What else can I tell you....I always have well meaning intentions to write here. I have a lot of posts in my drafts. I just never get time to come back and finish them. But always hope. I had a few people even write me - with some questions in March hoping I would be doing March Questions. And I really wished I could have done them. I love March Question month. But I have just been so busy with work. So no promises on posting.

I need to get a recipe up on domestic servitude soon as I made the most amazing bars a few weeks ago. I am still dreaming of them.

If you don't follow Master, he has had some really good blog entries. Especially the most current one on poly. I suggest you take a look at them - pretty please!
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