Monday, July 25, 2011

Abandoned Toys

I asked yesterday on Twitter "does anyone have BDSM toys in their collection that they really like but they just don't use that often? Why does that happen?"

We have quite a few toys we don't play with and my take on why that happens with us is that we get caught up in the heat of the moment and just grab what is on/in our nightstand and Master uses his hands A LOT....spanking, grabbing, squeezing, slapping and punching. So we just don't make it to the bigger type toys like floggers, cane, whip and so on.

I asked the question because Master used a toy on me recently that we rarely use but I LOVE. It hurts like hell but I love it. Master and I both talked about how we need to play with those toys more. Oddly for us it is setting aside time to play in that manner. We play with sex always but to "scene" per se we don't do often so need set that time aside.

We both talked about how much fun we had and how relaxing it was for both of us. And with Master's busy schedule he really could use some down time and getting frustrations out by beating me - well I am all for that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


rough 02 by freakshow9

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Review: B-Bomb Anal Vibrator

My first impressions of the B-Bomb Anal Vibrator were it's color, a pretty deep purple and the moderate shape and size in comparison to other anal vibrators. When Master lubed me up to insert it, I didn't need to stop and catch my breath or relax my ass muscles. The silicone has flexibility that ensures it sliding in very easily. Inside the base of the anal vibrator is a small battery bullet that contains three small watch batteries which were included. Once the batteries are installed in the sealed bullet, it fits very snugly inside the silicone base. A small button at the bottom of the bullet springs the vibrator to life. When inserted, the vibrations are not overly powerful where they numb you out, but they were just perfect stimulation to keep me turned on. Master spanked me with it in and it was a very nice combination of sensations - both vibrations of the B-bomb anal vibrator and spanking together.

There are a couple of things I didn't like about this anal vibrator. Due to my latex allergy, I need silicone based products. This B-bomb anal vibrator is silicone but it is a tacky (as in sticky) one. However it's not completely sticky but it is just a little tacky to the touch. For instance, when I lay it down (as it can't stand which I will get to in a moment) on the bed or a towel it comes away with some fuzz on it. Not much but a little - I just know I will need to be careful not to lay it on anything that it can come away with a lot of lint.

My other problem is the vibrator doesn't go all the way in. I can see by the design, it's good because it makes it easier to open the vibrator to replace the batteries and to pull it out of the base of the plug, however it sticks out a bit and thus making it very impractical. After we were done playing, I turned the vibrator off but didn't take it out. When I rolled over and sat flat, the B-Bomb turned itself on again due to the on/off button that's located at the base of the bullet. This isn't the type of plug you could wear while just sitting around the house as it would turn on and off as you move, but during sex and having fun in bed - it did great!

One thing I read about AFTER using the B-Bomb was the instruction to use a little water based lube on the bullet before putting it into the base of the plug. Then that way it won't be so difficult to take out and put back in after cleaning it. If you don't lube the bullet, it is very hard to get the bullet back out of the plug. This bullet is waterproof so just a little water based lube on it is suppose to be okay and help with that problem. I haven't tried it yet but I will be NEXT time for sure.

The B-bomb did give me the sensation that it wanted to fall out. After it was inserted, the plug came back out a little but not all the way. During the entire time we played with the B-Bomb, it just wasn't snug in my ass but I don't think that is a big deal. It still felt very good even though it wasn't snug. I still felt the fullness of it in my ass and the vibrations to be quite pleasurable. However, I did find it starting to be pushed out when I had an orgasm, but I've had my vaginal vibrators do that too. But I really again don't find this to be a big problem as I am having the orgasm so I am really done with the anal vibrator anyway.

I think this anal vibrator is good for those who have already started out with a small butt plug and might ready for the next step. This is a good toy for those who are experienced, but who have not tried a vibrating anal plug. It isn't overly big but does have a moderate full shape to it. The silicone composition makes it nice to slide in and it has nice vibrations sending wonderful little tingles of sensation through the ass. The B-bomb has lots of options when cleaning it - you can use it with soap and water, toy cleaner, a ten percent bleach solution, wipes or you can boil it or stick it on top rack of your dishwasher to sterilize. Since it is a silicone toy it is best to use a water based lube. And not to store it next to any other silicone sex toys. Over all I really do think it is a nice anal vibrator and I am sure we will be breaking it out in our play often.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Friday, July 08, 2011


* I got my hair cut - almost 11 inches off. I haven't had it this short probably since I was in high school. I wanted something different and decided it was hair and if I didn't like it - it would grow back out. And well I don't really like it. I think I will like it a bit better when it just grows out a bit more. But right now it is too short. All this was with Master's approval. He likes it but knows it wasn't what I was going for when I went to get it cut.

* The hair stylist was asking me how I wanted my bangs. And I said to the side and longer. I told her I usually did shorter straight across but since I am going to part on the side I wanted longer to the side. And she said well since you are so young you can pull that off. And I kind of laughed. I said, "I am 43 - is that young?" Because she had to have been in her late 30's so calling me young made it seem like she thought I was I was younger then her. And it turns out she did. She was stunned. She kept repeating that there was no way she would have guessed I was 43. She thought I was really young. She never said how young but I am guessing younger then her. So that was a nice compliment. But I thought the whole bangs comment was weird that having bangs on the side was only for young women. When did that happen?

* I don't have pictures of my hair yet - because I don't like it.

* I am happy to report though Master can grab my hair and get a good grip into it. Because the other day he came home from an appointment and came in the door grabbed my hair and bent me down...just kind of wielding me which way he wanted and then finally kissed me. Kissed me long and deep and hard - all while his hand was still pulling my hair. Made my knees weak.

* Master's girl aria came to the house for the first time on Sunday. This will be a more regular thing now which is a good thing. But it stressed me to the max. I am obsessive about the house and guests. And this is her first visit - so she is a guest even though she is becoming family. I know that probably doesn't make sense but I am neurotic.

* Right now the business - has been taking my time full-time. And so I just don't have time to keep the house up. I was cleaning the bathroom the other day and dusting the tops of these lights we have at the very top of the ceiling that need a step stool to clean - and they hadn't been cleaned in I don't know how long and it bothered me A LOT. I thought about when Master didn't have his own business and worked outside the home - and I was basically a domestic slave full-time - the house was really clean. And now it gets to be too much. I don't know how other slaves do the full time job and all the domestic stuff. And it isn't just time - I mean I know I can manage my time better but it is also energy. By the time I have done all the work for the business I am so mentally exhausted that I feel physically exhausted as well.

* I mentioned in a post a while back a couple that might move to the area and then decided against it - well the are moving to a nearby town. So we are very excited to have them close. They are in town before moving into their new home and so we got together with them for breakfast yesterday morning. It was so nice to catch up with them. And so great that they will be closer to us now.

* We went to a local munch. It was our first and I know it will get better once we get to know people. I also know I was really spoiled by my Ohio friends - they made it easy to make friends being so warm and welcoming. I miss them so much.

* Just had a movie night with Master and aria - watched the first Harry Potter movie. Gearing up for the final movie. During the movie Master reached over and just grabbed one of my breasts like he has a vice grip instead of a hand. Damn it hurt. Just sitting here typing it - makes my breast throb from pain again.

Master and aria are having some quality time now. Master and I are spending tomorrow together. I got my period last night and right away I thought that might ruin our plans and it was like he was reading my mind because he said to me that is not going to ruin our plans. Unfortunately I did hurt my knee today so I hope that doesn't ruin anything. Did get a chance to play with a new toy recently and will have a review up on it in a few days. Sunday aria will be back over to spend the day with Master.

Well I am going to take some time to just do some emails and work on my review. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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