Friday, January 08, 2010

Please Support 2009 International Ms. Bootblack

There is a wonderful woman in the community named Pony. She is title holder for 2009's International Ms. Bootblack and just like other title holders, one of the things that comes with your title is to go to events and make appearance to represent her title.

Pony is also an ordained minister. This past November the church was made aware of her title as International Ms. Bootblack so was let go. Because of this, not only is she out of a job, but she has obviously lost the means to go to events and proudly promote her title.

We all can relate to having to hide in our dungeons and remain anonymous for fear of getting "caught." Wherein the basis of Ms. Bootblack and those that represent the community is to promote freedom of expression in our sexuality, we shouldn't have to be ashamed for what we are and when you read or hear Pony's words, you feel the emotion about how important it is to be out and proud of who we are. Her courageousness to confront this instead of hiding is the reason why I feel that more than ever, we as a community should throw our support for someone who is certainly deserving and proud of the title she honors.

Therefore, I'm asking for you, if you can - to give a little (or a lot) to help Pony deliver her important message at events from coast to coast. If everybody pitches in even just a little - then not only is it going for a good cause, but it also becomes as a victory against those who would rather find flaws in us than substance that binds us. Help us get Pony going!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From 2009 to 2010

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe it is in 2010. Usually I am one to really self-examine the outgoing year but I am not feeling like it at the moment. I have been so busy since Thanksgiving that I didn't get to do most of the things I do for the holidays so I am feeling kind of off entering the new year. 2009 of course had many good things but it was a hard year because of health and economy. I know 2010 will be better. And glad it is here.

I started rereading Eat Pray Love just before Christmas and am taking my time with it....savoring it. It is what I need right now - it has been my solace during this busy time. And also for ringing in the New Year.

Christmas was at Master's parents. It was a nice day with family. I didn't get to bake as much so my tray was smaller for Christmas day. But one thing I set out that I also made as gifts this year was a hit...."Gourmet" Popcorn....I made butterscotch, chocolate peanut and then a zesty popcorn mix with pretzels. And with all of them I have had really good feedback on such as "you can make more of that for me anytime."

For gifts this year I made bath fizzies, bath soaks, bath cookies (that looked like real cookies), hand-stamped kitchen towels and then the gourmet popcorn (all of which I will posting about over on domestic in the next few months). And as always treat trays. This year at an after Christmas sale at Target, I got quite a few melamine Christmas plates so that I can give treats on them next year.

Not much else to say....just busy working on a website.

I hope everyone has a 2010 full of good health and love and of course kinky sex!
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