Friday, October 31, 2008

Simply Service Holiday Issue

Bootpig announced that the special holiday issue of Simply Serivce is out. 28 pages of amazing "holiday goodness" sums it up!

It is online at Sensual Service - Simply Service Archive. But you could also subscribe to it at And you will be subscribed for all future issues plus receive the Holiday Issue automatically.

A big thanks to Bootpig and Porkchop for putting it together! It looks absolutely amazing!

(couldn't resist the holiday icon with pigs!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Believe In It Anymore

About a month ago or two ago I was looking through our website and updating some things. And started to think about pulling some of the essays I have written because they don't really fit with what I believe anymore. Does it matter I don't believe in the essay anymore? It is my words and I did believe it once. It is something some still relate too even if I don't. So does it matter if I don't like it?

Ignoring as a form of punishment is one of those essays I don't believe in anymore. In the essay I really come out against it. I say many things in it that I just don't believe are true or frankly I don't find accurate. And ignoring as a form of punishment is something I believe in now. Master has done it to me early on in our relationship. Not to the extent that most think of when thinking of it as a punishment but it still was ignoring. In some situations, I can see it being not a good thing for a relationship but it our relationship I accept it as I understand it suits Master. If he is mad at me, he doesn't want to talk to me. So ignoring me works for him. And I survive and work hard so that it doesn't happen again.

That essay isn't the only essay that I don't believe in anymore or like or wonder if I should pull. I go back and forth on them. And so for now they stay there.

Also what got me started on this topic again though really was because someone used several of my essays without my permission - posting them to FetLife without credit. And the Ignoring as a Form of Punishment was one of them and it generated A LOT of comments. It made me cringe just seeing it and all the comments.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gigi Paraffin Wax

Today we were in Sally's getting me PURPLE hair dye but I noticed on their flyer they have right in the store a coupon for $3 off for Gigi Paraffin Wax making it on sale for $1.99. That is a great price! I love the stuff for wax play.Melt it in a crockpot pour it on to your subject/victim with a little ladle. Although paint brushes work too but what I would really like to try some of those silicon pastry brushes/bbq brushes. Those would work great I bet. Oh yummy wax thoughts!

Here is a link to the eucalyptus one on Sally's website (but it doesn't look like it is on sale there). Peach is my favorite scent. But I have used Eucalyptus and Vanilla too and liked them.

I have a very fond memory of using wax on a very good friend. She called me mean. :) Oh now just thinking of wax makes me think of many people who laid on our living room floor (when I lived in Ohio) and had hot wax poured on them. It was so fun! I miss you all!

Don't Make Me into THAT Girl

This is from season one of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I can't remember what episode it is from but it one where Charlie (Sarah's former boyfriend) is talking to his wife. An FBI agent had been there questioning him about Sarah Connor. It just reminded me of when I was in the poly family as I was made into that girl.

Charlie's wife says: "You know why you love me? I am going to tell you. You love me because I am not that girl. I am not that jealous girl. I am not that insecure girl. I am not that petty girl. So don't make me into that girl by lying to me."

I never was jealous, insecure or petty when I lived in the poly family but then I was lied to. So I learned to question and often seemed jealous, insecure and petty because I had been lied to so often. It was the lies that upset me. Otherwise I was always happy when he was out with others or I could hear him having fun with another in the next room -- it gave me warm fuzzies. But lying to me made me into that girl. I didn't like being that girl and wouldn't have been upset if it weren't for the lying.

Monday, October 27, 2008

8 years of....

blogging about my thoughts and just life. Always amazes me each year comes about and I wonder how it is possible to have blogged and shared my life that long. I look back at entries and cringe, laugh, cry and remember with fondness many wonderful moments. I know my blog has changed throughout the years. I used to share a lot more of my life and just emotions. But frankly now I am pretty damn happy and owned by an extraordinary man. I am grateful to have the chance to share this journey with Him. So it isn't my first thought to blog and get whatever out because I am there with him sharing and experiencing life and the emotions that come with it. But I am thankful for everyone that reads and has read throughout the years. I thank you for your wonderful emails and comments. I count myself blessed because not only did my blog help me keep true to myself but it lead me to meeting some really wonderful people and creating some great friendships. Thank you!

And always ending on my tradition...
The Velveteen Rabbit:
"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you..."

"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.

"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful.

"When you are Real, you don't mind being hurt...It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged - Random Facts

I was tagged by Kitten.

The Rules: (and as usual I am not tagging so striking those rules out - play if you want!)
* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
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1. I love little notepads, memo pads, sticky notes and scratch paper. Right now I have about 7 different ones sitting on my desk.

2. I like candy corn and got a cute candy corn candy dish for my birthday.

3. Fall is my favorite season with spring second, winter third and summer last. I prefer to be cold then hot.

4. I got a new skirt for my birthday. A black and brown tweed skirt that Master really didn't like when he saw it just hanging on the hanger. I put it on the other night with a pink blouse and he really liked it. He said I can be his secretary ANYTIME.

5. When I put red panties on, no matter really the look of them, I feel sexy. Red just makes me feel sexy.

6. Although I can't have kids, if I could I would still remain childfree. I just don't feel I would make a good Mom and I feel I am much to selfish to have kids.

7. Todays kinky thoughts have been about wax play thanks to kaya for a picture she posted on FetLife.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iron Rose Store

Iron Rose Store is closing and holding a closing sale!

"The doors will close on October 31. But in the meantime, 50% off all merchandise currently in stocck EXCEPT BOOKS. When we sell out, we sell out, so there's a chance you won't get everything you want if someone finalizes an order ahead of you.

All you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity is to include the word "FIRE" in the special instructions during the ordering process. Remember, books are NOT on sale. The shopping cart does not work with Firefox. Please try IE."

More info:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slut in the Woods

This month doesn't look like it is going to be a good month for blogging. We were out of a few days at the beginning of the month. And then I have been having computer problems that make me not want to be on here very long. And now this week I have been cleaning to prepare for out of town guests. After they leave we have a few days at home before we go out of town for several days - business related. So October is pretty much burnt up.

So I will share a story that I think I have shared before but I don't know where it is in my was before I was with Master. There was this gentleman that I was friends who was dominant. We would met for coffee, lunch, hang out and such but never played. Anyway we had talked about having some kinky fun but never just could get the timing right. So finally it happened...he told to dress in a short skirt, thigh highs, no bra or panties, sexy blouse and heels. I put on a short short black skirt, black thigh highs that had a wide black band on top instead of lace, a chiffon poets blouse that was floral print. It plunged deep and had a few keyhole buttons on it. It was a little bit see-through.

It was beginning of March so still cold, but not really any snow on the ground at that time. But it was not dry out, as it had been rainy and cloudy that day. I got in his car and he immediately starts in on me with his words and touches. He pulled my tits out of my blouse and started squeezing and slapping. He had me spread my legs wide apart and slapped and inner thighs. He called me names and I knew I was getting wet right away.

We drove to a wooded park with trails. We sat in his car while he bound my tits with bungee cords and then added nipple clamps with a lead chain on them. He pulled the lead out through one of the little keyholes in my blouse. You could see my tits point straight out like I was wearing a bullet bra. You could see them bound if you looked close enough at the blouse.

He told me to stay, as he got out of the car. He walked down the parking lot and disappeared on a trail as I sat in the car for a bit. It was mid-day and kind of cold so there were not many people out there. He came back and pulled me out by my hair roughly. He pulled me close and slapped my tits as he whispered into my ear that I looked like such whore. He picked up the lead chain and yanked. I let out a moan of pain. My breasts had already become very sensitive from being bound and clamped.

He pulled my coat off. He pulled my skirt up so it was barely covering my bum. But showing off the tops of my thigh highs. He pushed my thighs open and slapped my thighs hard over and over. And rubbed lightly over my cunt to tease throbbed right away. I moaned. He laughed at me "slut" in a low and wicked voice that gave me shivers. He wrapped and tied my wrists up with a scarf and draped my coat over my tied wrists.

He then took the lead chain coming from the clamps and started to walk. We were walking fast and it was hard at times to keep up with him. We started off on a trail and then he pulled me off the trail. I had to walk over tree limbs and past bushes. He would stop and push me against a tree roughly slapping my tits that throbbed with pain from being bound so tight. He would hurt me and then start walking again - pulling me to follow. I would feel the twigs grabbing at my ankles and calves. Then suddenly he would stop and push me into a tree again and pull my skirt all the way up spanking me. And just as suddenly as we stopped we started walking again him pulling me along again. He would tell me to speed up. He would laugh at me as I struggled in my heels walking (more like tripping) through wet leaves and dirt. I got caught on fallen branches and would stumble and again he would laugh at me just speed up making me practically run. Which of course with my bound tits made them bounce and jiggle causing me to wince and moan in pain. He then would stop and push me against a tree and slap my tits again. He hit them so hard I let out a little scream so he slapped me across the face telling me to be quiet. Being rough with me - seeing the sadism in his eyes knowing I needed to be quiet.

He then pulled me along making me fall on my knees. He came behind me and spanked my ass and kicked at me. He laughed at my clumsiness. He told me to stay on my knees. He took my coat, undid my hands from the scarf making me crawl - following him on my hands and knees. I crawled in the wet leaves and dirt. I felt the twigs ripe into my thigh highs snagging them and scratching against my skin. It then started to sprinkle rain again soon. He laughed at me again saying how desperate I must be to crawl after him. That I must be a wanton slut that would hump a tree to get off.

He pushed my face down...near the dirt...he didn't push it in the dirt but got really close. He told me that I belonged in the dirt. He made me say it. He then said you are a piggy in the mud. He went over and over how dirty I was and that I was a slut in the mud. He finally pulled me up by my long hair roughly. Then he pushed me against a tree and pulled my tits out of my blouse...squeezing them telling me that I was a pig, a slut, a whore, a cunt and so on. He slapped them hard over and over before removing the bondage and clamps.

Soon we were walking again and he pulled my skirt down and guided me by my neck with my hair covering his hands. He then leaned into me and said someone is following us. He had me turn and sure enough back there through the trees I saw someone. He said keep walking. We turned to get back on the trail. We walked a bit and soon the man was not there. B thought he got bored when we started behaving so left us alone. We then walked a ways and went off the trail again. He stopped and pushed me against a tree to spank me. Then walk a little bit again - stopping soon to play with my tits. And then walk for a bit soon stopping to play with my cunt. He slapped, rubbed and grabbed my cunt hard. Being rough with it. And I squirmed and moaned. This repeated a few times...walk, stop & spank, walk, stop & play with my tits, walk, stop & play with my cunt. Finally he stopped and had me start stroking his cock...which shortly was followed by me being pushed to my knees in the dirt and giving him a blowjob. After he came, he told me to get straightened up and we walked back to his car. We sat there and talked for a bit before he took me home.

I remember being so wet and turned on. It even turned me on thinking someone had been watching me. Of course later I worried that the person thought I was being "abused" or "forced" but it still turned me on to think of someone watching me be used that way.

It was exciting being outside. Being all dressed slutty but in the woods. Being in heels walking around in the dirt just made me feel more slutty for some reason. Soft sexy see through poets blouse against the rough bark of the tree. Crawling around in the dirt in my thigh highs and short skirt. It was....a rush of emotions....exciting and very much a turn on.

ps: this is a true story - someone asked me if it was true. It happened when I lived in Cleveland.
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