Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Slave Register

I have the barcode on my blog for a while, used it as an icon, the number is on a dog tag that Master attaches to my collar at times, I use the number in art at times, it is on a has been with me since shortly after Master claimed me as His. I enjoy being the number...I like what it symbolizes...and I love it when Master has referred to me by it...gets me all warm and wet thinking of myself just as a number....His property.

The Slave Registration site that was started by Tanos. Tanos is the creator of one of my favorite sites - Internal Enslavement.

Well now The Slave Register is also more then just a place to register for a is a web discussion board, personal ads, and weblog generator of those in Owner/property relationships.

So I am pimping it...

Also after having a couple questions about this I thought I would add...when you go The Slave Register Board if you want a slave number use the register button on the left hand side. If you just want to sign up with a member name use the join button. And if later some of you submissive-types decide you want a number you can merge your member name with a number. Here is the actual link though to just register a member name.

I like discussion forums and groups because I like seeing other perspectives and just learning. So I am a member of a few....such as another one I mentioned not too long ago....TPE Forum. Also a few more listed here.

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