Saturday, June 23, 2007

Been Tagged...

These are the rules: Answer the four questions in your blog.
At the end, choose 4 of your friends to tag and write their names at the bottom. Let them know they've been tagged in the comments section of their page and send them to your blog.
(I don't do tags)

#1~~ List 5 things in
his bedroom:
trying not to list the same things Master listed
- stereo & cds
- febreze allergen control spray bottle
- candles
- Fitz

#2~~List 4 things you like about yourself:
- my creative side
- my hair
- that I can cook
- that I am not scared to make a fool of myself (adding that because after seeing myself in this video - I just am not smooth.)

#3~~List 3 of your favorite past times:
- reading
- baking
-making icons

#4~~Name seven deadly sins**these aren't the famous sins just your own
- dishonesty
- lack of integrity
- lack of loyalty
- not being able to walk in others shoes
- narrow-mindedness
- bigotry
- passive aggressive behavior

play if you want!

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