Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home Corners

Master has an armoire in the bedroom. On top of it we actually store our suitcases but there is a little ledge in front of one of the suitcases and so I have some teddy bears and the pillow. Henry is the far right bear. He is a build-a-bear that girlie got me when we went to the Servant's Retreat a few years ago. Slumped behind the pillow is my well loved Ellington. I was given him by someone that I was very close to when in Ohio. I sleep with a teddy bear every night usually the same one but every so many years it is time to get a new one as I just smoosh and wear them out. And Ellington was one of those bears. Daddy bought me a new bear that I still sleep with but he is looking a little worn too - named Fitz. Next to the the slumped Ellington is Cranbeary of course. A cranbeary corduroy bear that Bill and Lisa - friends from Ohio - gave me when I was living with them. And the last little black bear with floral fabric for his paws - is named Pretty. I bought him years and years ago. The pillow a friend from Ohio gave me at a going away party before I moved to be with Master. You can also see peaking out under the pillow and in front of Henry - the music baton and if you look real closely there is a little leather loop which is the handle on the evil stick.

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