Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home Corners

This is a picture I have hanging in my studio. It might not look like much and very dated. And it is very dated -- my Grandparents gave that to me in August of 1969 so I was almost 2 years old. They wrote on the back to and from and then the date. My Mom sent me a box of stuff shortly after I moved here and this was one of the things in the package. So I hung it up in my studio. It hangs right next to my work table.

My Dad's parents were my favorite. Yes I had favorites. I loved both sets of Grandparents but my Dad's Grandparents I feel I guess I related to more. My Grandpa and I use to play cards. He taught me gin rummy probably at 6 years old. We played all the time. He was the person that taught me how to play solitaire too with real cards not on a computer. :)

My Grandma used to spend hours playing paper dolls with me. She would buy me a new set every time I stayed with them and then cut them all out for me. We talked about that when I saw her last and she said she used to get hand cramps from cutting all the paper dolls out.

Another memory with these Grandparents is that they had a house that had a garden in the back. It looked like a normal backyard with trees and grass but then at the back of it there was this little area that was raised. It has a path going through it and then tons of flowers. All different kinds. It was so pretty. The edge of it that raised up had this wide area that started the path and us kids (my sister and all my cousins) would use that as a stage and put on shows for Grandma and Grandpa. We would do skits and sing and dance. My Grandma was always teaching us new songs. For their 40th wedding anniversary - I was in high school by then but all of us grandkids got up in the hall and sang all those songs we used to sing when we put shows on for them.

So my home corners today is a trip down memory lane. I won't have another home corners until we get back from our trip - so that won't be until mid-july.

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