Monday, June 11, 2007

Prophecy Girl

This months updates/posts and actually next months too will probably be very limited. We will be leaving the last week of June and won't be back probably until around July 12th. We have lots to do before we leave so I feel like I might be a little frazzled.


** This morning Master and I got up early to get to a doctors appointment. I got there and their office was locked. Pretty soon we saw the receptionist on her cell phone she was walking on the side of the building. We talked to her she didn't have me down even though she was the one that made the appointment - last time I was there. She remembered making an appointment but it wasn't on the book. And the doctor wasn't in this morning so she apologized and asked when we could come back and she would get us in. They had an available appointment for this afternoon so we took that. We went to pay and they said no charge - because they screwed the appointment up. That was very nice...and unexpected. But I guess I shouldn't be so surprised they have all been so nice in this office. It is my foot doctor and I HATE having my feet touched and they all have been so good about it.

** Okay I must be in a sappy mood right now because I love The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. I have watched it 3 times. I got it via netflix so I think I will need to be sending it back sometime. :) But Kate Winslet and Jack Black...yummy! And then the part with the kid and the tent makes me tear up every time! Because I am a weeper...big weeper! (if you have seen the movie you will understand that)

** Cooking lately has been quick and easy because of everything going on. And I feel that trend isn't going to let up. Nachos, salads, pasta and sauce, fried rice...all quick and easy for me. But I do need to bake a pie on Saturday morning as we are going to dinner at friends on Saturday night. Making a chocolate buttermilk pie but really it is an easy pie so that I don't have to stress over what to bring.

** Master bought one of my FAVORITE movies! North by Northwest. He had not seen it until I DVR'd it one day so that he could watch it and then he was hooked too.

Not sure what how about Positive Monday....

5 Good Things...
1. able to get something resolved with a client tonight pretty quickly
2. that I am awake after being tired all day - so maybe I will get some more work done
3. good breakfast this morning at our new favorite breakfast place...and I have left over for tomorrow! yay!
4. finding pictures I was looking for a while back...finding other pictures that I want to frame
5. reading Guilty Pleasures again and remembering why I like(d) Laurell K. Hamilton (and happy to see some positive reviews for her new book.)

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