Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday

~ T ~

tea - It was a couple of years ago I went to a good friends home and she had "tea" for us. She had little cucumber sandwiches, mini creampuffs, mini spinach quiches, scones and tea. Until then every time I tried tea I just never had liked it. But she served me a black tea -- which to that point I hadn't had. And I really enjoyed it. And from there I was hooked! And now I love tea! Lady Earl Grey is my favorite black tea and the tea she served us that day. So I am thankful for the joy and comfort tea brings me and I am very grateful for my friend that introduced me to tea in a way that I really enjoyed!
tarot - I am thankful for tarot - seeing things in the card and having them speak to me. It is something I am still not confident in but I enjoy it. Recently someone on my friend's list started posting lessons so I hope to soak those up and learn to trust myself in it more. I am thankful she started posting them and sharing her knowledge.
traveling - Master and I like to travel....although we don't get to as much as we would like. I am thankful for the times when we are able to travel and all the wonderful trips we have taken together.
trust - trust in myself....thankful for the trust I have in myself...for making good desicions and just being self aware enough to know what is good for ME.
typography - I am a font whore so maybe some can see why this is on my list. I have always loved though when looking through magainzes, newpapers, books the different lettering used and how it was used. I am thankful for typography because it gives me pleasure but also inspires me often in my art.
typing - to go with the above I am thankful for being able to type. My handwriting is not the best and typing is so much easier!
time - I am thankful for the time I have had and the time I do have...and I hope that I have a lot more in the future.
tins - I used to when married collect antique tins or reproduction tins. I still have a few antique ones but got rid of all the rest. Now I take altoid tins and decorate them...and they inspire me in ways that surprised me so I am thankful for the tins that inspire me.
today - Thankful for today.
tomorrow - And I am thankful for tomorrow and the things I have to look forward too.


  1. MoJo loves Earl Gray tea, unfortunately I haven't acquired a taste for it or tea in general for that matter. How wonderful of your friend to introduce you to it in such a traditional and elegant manner.

    As a calligrapher, I completely understand the fascination with typography. Letters are beautiful things beyond their ability to communicate, they are truly an art form. Just think, without calligraphy we wouldn't have the amazing letter forms we see in typography.

    Great list for the letter T! Thank you for leaving a link in the Garden.

    ciao bella~

  2. Danae, I was delighted to see your link in the garden and even more delighted to read your list here, great list, thank you.
    Warm hugs,


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