Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home Corners

controlledgirl over on Livejournal started what is called Home Corners! It was so nice seeing her pictures that several of us have joined in the fun. It is just taking pictures and sharing bits of home with each other. I made some icons for it anyone wants to use them - it is in an unlocked post on lj.

Master bought me this our first Christmas together. He had a heck of time when he went to buy it. I had looked at when we were out and about but I never really even remember saying anything to him about how much I liked it. He went back to get it and each one had drawers stuck. So they clerks really wanted to sell it to him and so broke drawers to get one that had none stuck and then proceeded to pull drawers out of others trying to find one that drawers would fit in.

I really like the designs on each drawer. I like that holds just little things in the dining room - napkin rings, I also keep some quick sewing supplies if I need to sew button on (because I will do that at the dining room table), wine charms, and little odds and ends like that.


  1. ohhhhhh i love that and the whole Home Corners idea.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I love that little cabinet. It is cute and quirky as well as being practicle. I have something similar, but without the fun designs on the drawers. I keep things in it like rubber bands and those tie things that you put on freezer bags. I am now thinking that it might be time for a touch of paint on it, just to brighten it up. It makes it a showpiece instead of letting it just blend into the background. Lovely.


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