Saturday, June 30, 2007


5 good things in my life...
1. We leave tomorrow for Denver, then Wednesday for our trip north. We are staying in Omaha on the way and I grew up there so I get to show Master some good places there. Eat at someplace I talk about all the time because I worked there. And then on Thursday we will be seeing my family! Oh and Master and I are meeting someone Master has known for quite sometime on Monday too!
2. dyed my hair so I don't feel so frumpy
3. The dvd Master made is beautiful!
4. That the pharmacy filled my prescription even though they usually require 72 hours notice - I gave them 24....very nice of them! (didn't realize all my allergy meds were so low - I hadn't taken any in a while but with being around dogs at Master's parents and my Aunts - I really will need them.)
5. I am thankful for the crystal that my girlie sent me. Thank you Thank you! I will use it well in cleansing the tarot set. Thank you!


  1. I didn't realize you grew up in Omaha! My mother's family is all in the Omaha/CB area and I grew up just 45 minutes from the metro area. One of the things I miss most is living close to the Old Market area.

  2. Chelle feel free to email me (email on the side bar) and I will tell you which high school I went to and area I grew up in. I really liked Omaha. It is like a small town but a City. It has the smaller community feel to it but has all the wonderful things of a big city - colleges, shopping, sports, art and culture. Master REALLY liked the area. He had never been there. We didn't get a chance to go to the old market as I wasn't feeling well the night we intended to go. But I am hoping maybe we can do a long weekend there sometime as a getaway.


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