Saturday, September 01, 2007


We have had a fantastic weekend so far...


* presents! Master bought me 2 DVD's - Dirty Dancing and The Quiet Man and then the book The Secret Life of Bees! He had read where I posted wanting to have the book and so he went out and hunted it down for me. Isn't He the bestest?

* Nice dinner, good wine that hit me fast, watching some West Wing - one of our favorite episodes Shutdown in season 5 - I was cheering and I have seen it many times.

* Sex...of course...being fucked, giving Master a blow job, some masturbating (as I have a total thing about watching Master masturbate), collared and leashed, sitting at Master's feet (which if anyone knows me this usually isn't a big thing for me as weird as that sounds coming from a slave)

* Being able to snuggle up next to Master in bed to sleep

* Being woke up at 5am with a hand in my hair pulling and his other hand squeezing a breast fairly hard. Which moved to punching, squeezing, twist, slapping my breasts and breath play and then followed by being fucked really hard so that I was pretty much passed a well used whore. We laid in the after glow of good sex and both became hungry so in our way that we do...we both were thinking of breakfast - the same place. So I asked Master what he thought of going to the diner. And he just shook his head because he had been thinking of the same thing. Master sent me to go call to see what time they opened while he rested from our fun.

* Breakfast, errands, grocery shopping - I wore the thin leather collar out and about too.

* A nap - where I was attached to the bed by my ankle first time in a very long time (because I have a lot of problems sleeping that way - but I knew I was so tired it wouldn't affect me). It was a fairly long nap and I am still tired. Master said I am probably catching up on sleep from when he was out town - because I don't sleep much while he gone.....4 hours a night is average.

I have been doing laundry all day so that I can get us packed tomorrow night to head back out of town for a few days but I get to go this time! Master is doing his draft thing.

I have been surfing for widgets...I want a mood widget but having problems finding one. I did sign up for twitter today though. Not sure if I will keep up with it or even like it but have heard about it a lot lately so thought I would try it out.

It has just been so nice to have him at be able to touch, kiss, snuggle, hug and all the other fun things we do! He just messaged me to say he is almost done with his draft and I think we are heading to the bedroom after.


  1. I sent you an email to your yahoo one I saw on here. I hope it gets to you, I'm posting this Anonymously so my master doesn't know I'm reaching out.
    <3Subservient Girl

  2. I did get it - I am really busy right now but will reply as soon as possible!

  3. Thank-you:)
    <3Subservient Girl


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