Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Okay so I watched todays episode ...and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but still not good. Oprah still did the things she did in the intersex episode where she looked all shocked an embarrassed after doing talk shows as long as she has you would think she would know how to not look shocked. Or have heard almost everything. Anyway the first guest was a doctor and I can't remember her last name but her first name is Pepper. Pepper is 62 and having a great sex life! yay! That is a good thing. She was talking about condoms and that some guys don't like that and that is important to just keep moving to something you can do together then without the condom and keep that passion alive. Okay good that she is using condoms to protect from STD's (she is single by the way) - but one of the things she said is if a man doesn't like a condom then they could do other things such as oral sex. *facepalm* Ummm you can get STD's through oral. It really irritated me that she said that - she is a doctor - a sex doctor and telling people it is okay to have oral without condoms. So that bothered me and that was in the first 15 minutes of the show.

The next guest was a therapist I believe and I actually kind of liked her (until she talked about the open relationship couple). They were talking about how more women buy and like porn these days. And Oprah said that over all the years she has had a talk show she has heard about how many women don't like that their men look at porn how it harms their relationship so she is shocked to find that it isn't that way for some now. The doctor was talking about that porn can be a tool to help your sex life...just as maybe dressing up or having sex in different places like on the kitchen table are all tools to help improve your sex life. Oprah said, "Well then couldn't a question be that they like the outfit or the porn and not the person they are having sex with...." She went on to say something like shouldn't the person they are with be enough to turn them on. And the therapist said...

"The more tools you have to build your home the better and bigger home you will have....same with your sex life."

The last segment was the "open marriage" and I have to say I was surprised by Oprah for the most part still didn't like how she acted. But she surprised me because she said a few times...that adultery isn't the same as open marriage. She didn't always say it in those words but that was the gist. And I was glad she did that. She still did the shocked and embarrassed routine. She says she is open minded and accepting. But her words questions never seem to match - she acts like little kids do when they hear the word penis or sex. The giggle and look all embarrassed she does the same thing and so I don't feel that is very accepting.

I don't believe the open marriage couples feelings of why and how their relationship works got explained very well, but I think that was because of Oprah's questions never gave the couple a chance to clearly explain it. The part that made the audience have a cow was when the woman's husband said that the boyfriend and his wife go to the guest room and spend the night together. And that is when Oprah said, "okay you lost me now." She didn't get that at all but she didn't give them a chance to explain it at all either. When I found out that there was going to be a poly couple on the show, I knew because of the main topic being about SEX show that everyone going was think an open relationship is about sex instead of love and that is EXACTLY what happened so that pissed me off. And no matter how much the couple said it wasn't about sex - no was getting that. Even the therpist that I had liked before seemed to make it about sex. So no one was understanding that the couple can love more then one person.

Another thing that pissed me off was in the last 2 minutes of the show. Oprah comes back after commercial break with things on next shows or announcement type things. She said there is a movie coming out titled "Why did I get married" and she wanted people to go to and answer that question. She turned to the couple and said "I don't want to know why you guys got married." In a VERY rude tone. It really pissed me off. I mean obviously she didn't hear a word the couple said because they talked about how they loved each other and committed to their relationship, enjoy each other and want to grow old together.

I am so glad I don't watch Oprah very often she would be making me scream at the tv a lot.


  1. Hi danae!!

    I rarely watch Oprah, I find her to be so... I dunno, I watched the show on intersex and she calls her vagina a gigi or something. Its like come on Oprah you are 50 some years old the proper name is vagina. I used to watch her alot but anymore its either about looking younger, getting skinny, or woman being in control. No more interest in her unless its something like the intersex show and even then I was a little disappointed.

    be well

  2. I watch Tyra Banks more than I watch Oprah. She's fun and really is open minded.


  3. Starla, We don't hardly ever turn on regular network tv here but I did turn on Oprah for 2 days for this episode and one other as I knew people who were going to be on.

    You are so right about her not using the word vagina. That irritated me too! I agree that she is a disappointment.

    Morwin, I just don't watch talk shows all that much but have seen one episode of Tyra.


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