Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Cherry on Top

We leave tomorrow or possibly Friday morning for our trip. I am an ironing fool tonight. I hate ironing...I used to do all the ironing growing up and then although I have a serious dress shirt and tie fetish I did all my ex-husbands dress shirts and you know how fun those are to iron. Grrrr. So can I get a slave that just irons? kaya do you think if I beg pretty please with a cherry on top it will work?

kaya did a post on begging today and like her I don't like to beg. I don't get it. I don't get what to say or how to say it. It feels forced and fake when it comes out. It usually isn't what I am feeling inside so just seems empty. And that seems to me to lessen the experience over all. I used to be better at it and I don't know why as the longer I am a slave the harder it becomes for me.

I watched Tim Gunn's Guide to Style tonight - first episode I have had on the recorder forever. I haven't recorded any of the other and now am sorry I didn't. I cried. I am sucker for a touching story. Master said that today about something totally different but it was right....extreme house makeover...makes me cry too. (Just went to look up when Project Runway season 4 starts - November 14th)

I hope to be able to post some from the road. And I do have the phone post number saved on Master's phone but as always I am usually forgetful on using it. I hope to be better but won't promise it.

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