Thursday, September 20, 2007

Southplains and Southwest

Master and I would both love to go to a leather event we haven't went to one in a quite a long time. Anyway I was looking at the prices today for Southwest Leather Conference and Southplains Leather Fest.
I need to say this though
I know it is expensive to put on these events. I know that most of the time they don't make anything off them - barely getting enough to pay all the costs associated with it.

But I am having a little sticker shock...
I added up 4 nights hotel, 2 registrations fees and then some things that were extras - Southplains Leather Fest came up $300 less then Southwest. The main thing that made Southplains less expensive was their hotel cost - it is only $66 verse $99 at Southwest. One thing that seemed new to me on pricing and made both go up was charging for onsite play party/dungeon - $20 per person. Southplains has 3 nights of play space so that is $20 per person per night. Even figuring 3 nights of play times 2 people I still came up $300 less then Southwest - and that is not adding in Sunday Brunch or any of the other extras on there yet.

With travel expenses and food...the prices just go up and so I am a little discouraged at the moment.

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