Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Girl

Hardcore Romance asked the following questions:
It has been my experience that many women enjoy being good girls or at least being called a “good girl.” Why is this? For me I think it is because being called a good girl lets me know I am pleasing him...and doing what I need to be to serve him. Internally it hits those buttons that longs for approval.

Do you like being a good girl or do you like being called a good girl? both. I like being a good girl and pleasing Master. But I also like when he says I am a good girl.

Do you like being a bad girl and getting a spanking in order to make you a good girl? no. If I want a spanking, I ask...then he decides if he wants to give me one or not. But acting out to get one isn't my thing.

Do good girls do all this stuff we enjoy? oh yes! I am a good girl that likes to be a slut and feel my cunt throb and drip.


  1. I enjoyed your submissive journal prompts....This is a new blog for me and I really like it. Lovely template. Elegant and understated. Blessings!


    Green Rootsdown

  2. Danae,

    Hey! Just a regular reader/lurker commenting to say your thought-provoking, witty, and down-to-earth entries have been missed.



  3. i have been enjoying your blog... new to this lifestyle... i enjoy pleasing my Master... and i revel when He tells me i am a good girl... but i love being naughty and bad in the bedroom... and love to hear Him say that as well.

  4. Greenwoman, Thank you and welcome!

    Meg, I hope to have time to post something of substance again soon. It has just been so busy. But thank you for hanging in and reading! It was nice to see you delurk! :)

    essence, Welcome!


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