Sunday, September 02, 2007

Have Toys will Travel

I feel like I have been crashing today. I don't like that feeling but Master and I discussed it and we understand it. So today just has been getting ready to go out of town tomorrow.

It is always fun to be told to pack toys and know I am going to be hurt with said toys I pack. On one hand of course I want to play and I love when Master causes me pain and pleasure. But on the other hand..he is going to cause me pain with those toys! :)

He did request is rope. He said he wanted all our rope! yay! I am very excited about that! One year at Thunder he saw a bondage workshop and after the class we headed to the vendor area to buy rope from Rainbow Rope. He bought some dark red rope and some black (darker colors to lay on my pale skin was the thought). Since then a friend made us cuffs ankle and wrist cuffs to match a posture collar Master bought for our 1st anniversary....anyway they are dark purple and of course tonight while packing the purple and black cuffs and the dark red and black rope - I thought we should get some purple rope sometime. I would really like some more hemp rope and Monk makes purple.

Yesterday after Master's fantasy football draft, we headed to the bedroom as I asked Master if I could give him a blow job. He thought that sounded okay. And I have to say it was a ROCK STAR blow job! Really I think it was the best blow job I have ever given to Master...maybe ever given as everything just worked just as I wanted it too. And it was one of those that I could just take my time and we both enjoyed it a lot.

I made paninis for dinner to get read of some deli turkey we had in the fridge before we leave. They were really good. I did Asiago cheese rolls, light ranch dressing, turkey bacon, roasted peppers, swiss cheese and then deli turkey. They turned out very yummy! The brownies I made the other day turned out much more cakey then they usually do. I think I may have added an extra 1/4 cup of flour.

While out of town, I probably won't be posting Master's lap top will be with him working. I am bringing a book, my paper journal, and I think some note cards and postcards to send out some mail love while he is working. I need to pack up those things and then my make up case and meds (note need to grab my new migraine medicine bottle). I should probably get the cooler too with some pop, water and ice tea. Oh maybe bring some tea packets too so I can have hot tea while reading.

We will probably be pack late on Wednesday. We need to leave fairly early tomorrow as people will be coming down off the mountains back into the city from the long weekend so it will probably take us a while to get to Denver since it is the holiday weekend.

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