Friday, February 27, 2009


I have a cold so not online much except for work. But I thought I would at least post my edited response to a question on FetLife about having a genuine fetish and serving that fetish. Edited to make sense without the actual questions here.

I had never met someone who fit the dictionary definition of having a fetish until Master. Emotionally I can let myself get really stressed out about that he likes the fetish and not me. But I try not to go there and I know when he thinks of the fetishes he thinks of me with them. And he is doing it to me so that helps me not spiral out with negative thoughts. And he is really good about giving me reassurances also that he is attracted to me.

I am lucky that in serving that fetish I don't get burnt out from it. Or need a break from it because he has several fetishes. He has to have at least one of those the fetishes in play to get him to orgasm but he can at least mix it up between them. And he adds and changes things up sometimes but always includes one or more of the fetishes with it.

I have problems with a couple of Master's fetishes. It is something we work with at times. But another fetish he really was great on getting me to like it and now it even is something I crave and get turned on just thinking about it. And that is hoods. He really just slowly worked me up to wearing a full hood. Started me with an open face one and then kept moving up and more time in them to finally get to the point of craving them and being turned on by them.

I mentioned to Master the thread last night and asked him about a post he had started on it and if he had ever posted it. He hadn't so he finished that up and posted it today. So check out Master's post on having fetishes.

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