Thursday, February 19, 2009

His word is final

A thread I read on FetLife yesterday got deleted before I could answer it (due to name calling I am assuming.) My answer was going to be seek another dominant - someone better suited to your "needs." The topic of the thread was basically a slave describing a scenario where she wanted the answer of that her Master was bad for not putting her needs before his wants. I am going to use a different example then one given in the thread but it on the same lines. The slave isn't allowed to sit on the couch. And she comes home and asked permission to sit on the couch because she has had a long day and is tired and her knees and feet hurt and so on and so forth. And the Master says no. So she comes tumbling in the next night and just sits on the couch. She forgets she isn't suppose too because she is just in so much pain and uncomfortable. So the Master then was upset at her for disobeying, but she feels that is unfair because Master should take better care of her.

Now I am totally for slaves expressing their feelings, wants, needs, opinions and what not. But if I have expressed myself and Master says no or whatever that goes against what I was wanting - then my duty as a slave is to obey. In becoming his, I knew the deal and if I didn't want that - I know where the door is at. That doesn't make him insensitive to my feelings, wants or whatever. It doesn't mean he doesn't care for my well-being. Because usually logically whatever he is saying no to - I don't need. And when I can back up and look at it logically without the emotional attachment to it - I can see it more clearly that he was right. And if I look at my over-all life with Master there is times he has switched orders to accommodate my discomfort - such as with my reoccurring migraines. So he does put my health before his needs/wants more often then I wish he had too.

Even if I really have a strong convictions about something - even not being able to sit on the couch after a long day there might be other options to help in the situation. I mean maybe take a bath to help relax those muscles, sit on a mound of pillows and in the real scenario that was presented there were quite a few options instead of disobeying.

I guess for me it comes down to - either I want to be a slave or I don't. And if I do want to be a slave - I obey. Again it doesn't mean I can't express my feelings, wants, needs and so on. It just means he has the final say.

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