Friday, February 20, 2009

Happiness is....

Tonight I was making dinner and I heard Master on the phone with someone he has known a long time but now that we are moving in the poly direction is someone who could possibly be a good fit. Anyway, he was very happy on the phone and I could hear him flirt every once in a while - the tone in his voice just gives it away for me. It made me all happy inside just hearing it. I mean warm gooey feelings that were welling up inside me that I couldn't contain it. So I stopped what I was doing and ran into twitter about it. Yes twitter. I just wanted to get one little thing out so I could capture that warm feeling...I typed on twitter: "Happiness is listening to M flirt with another girl on the phone."

Master saw me rush past his office so beeped me on IM to see if I was okay. I replied yes and to check out twitter to see why I rushed past his office. And of course after reading it, he couldn't wait to embarrass me about it. He called me in to his office and made me stand there while he explained to the girl he was on the phone with what I had done. When I tried to move or hide he would make me stop. I was turning about a million shades of red and wanted to hide. But Master was having too much fun watching me squirm. And it in turn made her blush too. So he had both of us right where he wanted us.

So yes happiness is hearing Master on the phone flirting.


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  2. Thank you Luna! That was very sweet of you!


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