Monday, February 09, 2009

Punishing a Masochist

So another punishment question from FetLife...

As a masochist do you enjoy punishments?/Can you punish a masochist with pain?

Again we don't do punishment we do discipline so putting it in those terms. And really Master hasn't had to discipline me in a long time. Every once in a while I will get the look that says I am pushing a line but that is about it.

So on to the topic....for me as a masochist when Master has given me a physical form of discipline, I don't enjoy it. That is not to say my body doesn't react to it. I get wet. But my mind and emotions don't follow. It upsets me that I have displeased him and that I am doing something wrong so I don't enjoy the pain. I know and feel the difference between pain in sex or SM play and discipline. He can even use things that I enjoy as discipline and it doesn't affect how I enjoy it in our SM play and sex. Such as I loved to be slapped - we almost always have slapping involved in our sex. But I have gotten slapped as form of correction too - and that didn't turn me on. Again my body might have reacted to it by getting wet. But my emotions after were of sadness for displeasing him. I can feel the difference between slapping during sex and slapping because I did something wrong.

There are things in this lifestyle I have a love hate relationship with such as canes. I don't like the pain from them - it hurts but at the same time that pain that hurts me turns me on - it makes me wet but it also takes my mind and emotions to places that make me a gooey puddle. Humiliation same thing - I can get really pissed off or feel broken down with it but those feelings turn me on emotionally, mentally and physically.

Discipline doesn't do that for me. I don't want to displease Master. I don't want to do things wrong (something I have a problem with - I don't like to do something wrong). So although my body reacts to the pain brought with discipline the mind doesn't get turned on like it does with SM. I don't get the same gooey feelings from discipline that I do with canes or humiliation. It just hurts and upsets me that I have upset him/displeased him. It just feels different.

So for us yes, he can use pain even though I am a masochist. And yes I understand that it isn't the same for all masochists.


  1. I guess I'm kind of surprised that nobody has asked this question as part of the punishment discussions, but I was wondering... what sort of things have you done/might you do that would warrant the look, or a possible talking to or whatever? What are the boundaries you tend to push, or the rules you have the hardest time following, even if it's because you forget?

  2. I just wanted to let you know - I have started a post to answer your questions. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow (well today since is Wednesday already). Thank you for asking them!

  3. Awesome! Thanks. :-)


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