Friday, June 12, 2009

Pimping Domestic Servitude Blog

Okay my co-bloggers over on Domestic Servitude have been really busy posting lately....

So here are some links to their posts....

Shelf Life by Jouet - all about expiration dates! Master rolls his eyes at me because I am big on throwing things out when they are past expiration dates.

Frugal Made Simple by Kaya - some great ideas. Please also add your own to the comments we are all looking forward to hearing them.

Low-Sugar Strawberry Jam by Katie - Oh yum! The picture alone does me in!

Salsas.... mmmmm caliente! by Jouet - It is that time of year with farmer's markets so veggies and fruits are going to start being really easy to find and good prices. And making salsa is so refreshing and versatile.

Biscuits and Gravy by Kaya - I think Master can be happy that Kaya posted this as I am going to make biscuits and gravy this weekend. And I am even doing the cheat with the biscuits.

Spicy! by Jouet - Such a good post on herbs and spices. I had never heard of Penzeys until Jouet gave me some for Christmas. Master has even asked me about maybe getting some different varieties of Penzeys as he can tell the difference. He will often say "you made this with the spices Jouet gave us didn't you?" And I did. So there is something about them that really makes them stand out.

Pinto Beans, Chicken Legs, and Strawberry Soup by Princess Mandy - Don't look if you are hungry because I guarantee this post will make you hungry! Great pictures, directions and story of making them. Yummy!

Spirit and Attitude of Domestic Service by Jouet and I also wrote on that topic too. - answering a question asked by a reader.

Dandelion Massage Oil by Katie - what a great way to get rid of dandelions!

Stuffing your Boobs by Kaya - Yummy! So many great ideas!


  1. much food porn, so little time :)

  2. I don't have any of the ID's listed, so it wouldn't let me post this on the frugal post...

    Wow... awesome tips. Here are a few more:

    *Cook in the crock pot! Not only can you make something great out of a cheap piece of meat, but you can also cook without heating up the kitchen in the summertime, so you have to run the fan or the a/c less, saving money there as well.

    *Make sure you know all the promotions and policies of your grocery store. At ours, if they ring up an item at the wrong (higher) price, we let them, and pay for it... then take it to the service desk, where their policy is to refund the difference AND the cost of the item! We've gotten several things for free this way.

    *Write down the price each item is supposed to be (esp. if sale priced) next to that item on the grocery list. This makes it easier to know if you've been overcharged for something.

    *Use coupons along with store sales to get the most savings--retain your coupons until you can get a double discount: the coupon AND the sale price at the same time.

    *Consider "going in on" larger packages or bulk amounts of items like meat with another family or some friends if you don't have the storage space or the need for such quantities, but you still want to get good deals.

    *See if your grocery store has little 'marked down' sections. Ours has a manager's special meat section, and an area where deli items are clearanced out when they are still good, but need to be sold soon.

    *Growing your own veggies, like tomatoes and green peppers can be easy, fun, and much more affordable than purchasing them at the store.

    *Compare prices on personal care items... they seem to vary greatly from store to store. Using coupons on these products can be very profitable.

    *Doing all of your shopping at one main store can earn you rewards through a loyalty program. For example, for every $100.00 we spend, we get a discounted fill-up at the gas station and 20 free minutes on the prepaid cell phone service we have through the store.

    *Keep snack foods you actually like in the house. They may not be the healthiest, but having them on hand might keep you from doing a splurge fast food run which could end up costing much more.

    *Wash and re-use water bottles. The same one can be good for months!

    *Use plastic grocery store bags as trash bags for small trash containers, such as people often have in their bathrooms or offices. Not having to buy bags for this size trash receptacle can save lots of money, and is also a way to recycle!

    *Use old bananas for banana bread or muffins.

    *Clear out leftover veggies and meats by making a stew or soup dish.

    *Try take-and-bake pizza instead of ordering from a traditional pizza place, or make your own dough from scratch.

    *Avoid convenience items... they are usually much more expensive, and not as good.

    *Stretch meat and veggie dishes to last longer by adding rice--it's cheap, healthy, and filling.

    I hope these might help someone.

    ~Meg :-)

  3. Meg, I posted your comment over there but then it dawned on me - that you couldn't post anonymously and that is why you posted here. I am not sure why I had it set that way - so I changed those settings. If you would like I can delete my comment. And you can post it yourself? Just let me know.

  4. subtletimes, It is good food porn! Makes me hungry!

  5. Danae,

    Thanks, I appreciate that you posted it for me/changed the system. :-)



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