Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fantasy + Reality = Fail (sometimes)

It is great when your fantasies play out just as good or better then they do in your head. But sometimes they do fail.  Yes, sometimes when a fantasy mixes with doesn't always work out well. We had one of those moments on Sunday. It was the evening of the Ring of Fire (solar eclipse).  Master and I were going to be going out to this remote desert area to view the Ring of Fire.  It is a beautiful area and remote enough that standing out semi-naked to naked - we don't have a very likely chance of having people wonder by . I do have to say with the eclipse we did seem to have more people out there but we were still all so far from each other - we couldn't see each other.  It is a very pretty area that is great to watch the sunset.  But that isn't what came to Master's mind when he first thought of going there.

Master doesn't have a big SUV but his automobile would be considered a SUV.  It has a back cargo area that when looking at it - looks pretty good size. We fit lots of things back there.  We have always had the fantasy of putting me back there and pulling the cover over it.  Kind of like being kidnapped and forced into the trunk of a car - instead it is a back cargo area.  Well....this is where fantasy meeting reality sometimes fails.  It was smaller then it looked.  I couldn't fit in it very well. It isn't very wide and not very deep either with the cargo cover on it. The cover just is a slide out screen that attaches to the backseat and then pulls and latches just before the hatch door.

Master ended up pulling over not far from our house and getting me out.  I am thankful but at the same time I felt like it was me that was failing but reality is that it just wasn't feasible due to size. I am a big girl and it isn't a big SUV so the cargo area isn't that big.  Insert big pouty face.

Also reality is even if it was bigger not sure I could do it still.  I would have had breathing problems.  I was having them as is and even in a bigger space it still would have been hard to breath.

I was really upset it didn't work but understand that is something that does happen at times.

We did though get to have some fun though. Master brought the single tail.  We really don't have a lot of room to use it in our house....well...really we do now that we rearranged the living room - he might be able to use it in there on teacup and I.  But really out in the desert - was PERFECT. Just perfect. Standing out there he could have all the room he wanted.  He hit me with my clothes on and then had me life up my dress and pull down my panties and whipped me that way too. It felt so delicious - nothing brings out my masochistic side as fast as the single tail and it has always been that way. I remember when I lived in Cleveland and felt it for the first time - I could have almost purred - it hurt but it was that hurt that just makes me crave to feel the pain over and over and over.   And although I hadn't felt the single tail in quite a long time - it brought that right out in me again.  It was amazing.  So although our fantasy didn't work with the cargo hold - we did get to have fun with the single tail.

We also got to sit and enjoy the beautiful setting sun. We didn't get to see the ring of fire.  But we had a nice picnic dinner, watched the sunset over mountains from a beautiful setting and we got some play time in too. It was a really wonderful evening and something we both wish we would do more often.

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