Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evil Stick

In my post describing teacup's visit, I mentioned the Evil Stick.  Do you know what an Evil Stick is? If not well...I am here to do a show and tell. But beware hide this post from d-types because these are wicked! :)

The Evil Stick is this little stick that looks so non-threatening because...well it is so small, light, thin and kind of innocent looking. You look at it and think there is no way that will pack any pain.  I am not sure exactly what it is made of but supposedly it is made of space-age science-composite materials with a leather braided handle. I think this was the first gift I ever gave Master...yes I am a masochist.

You hold it fairly close to the skin. You then bend that space age material back. Do not even need to pull it back very much because even a little will inflict pain - I promise.  Let go and it will snap at the skin and then you will hear noises indicating you have caused pain with this Evil Stick.  It stings but actually the stings continue for several moments later.  It will be tender and welt up right away. It brings up thin lines of welts that might not look all that bad but they sting...really sting.  Master took pictures of the welts, but they just weren't showing up well in the photos.

Master snapping the Evil Stick back to hit my bottom
I will say over continued use the Evil Stick can break or develop cracks in it, but for us it has taken a long time.  They aren't expensive toys so easily replacable.  You can get the Evil Stick here. I have felt the 2 pronged one also but it was before Master and I remember it hurt just as much as the single.  I am not getting anything from this post....just letting people know about them.

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