Saturday, June 02, 2012

Approach or Not?

Something I have thought about before but have never had happen was what if we saw kinky friend or acquaintance we have known from online or face to face from events and such out and about doing shopping or work you approach or not?  I mean first I think it matters if they are with other people. If there are other people around, I probably wouldn't want to approach because I wouldn't want them to have to explain to the people they are with how he/she knows us.

But what if they are by themselves. I mean people are around but the person is by him/herself just walking out of a about then?

Well....we had that happen yesterday.  Someone I have known online for quite a while and always wanted to meet was coming down the hall as we came out of a room we had just been working in.  We had all of our equipment and were heading to the elevator. I was in front and Master was pushing our big cart full of equipment.  A woman was walking down the hall and we both looked at each other and smile. It was a smile of recognizing each other.  I looked back at Master and he had the same expression of he felt he knew her too.

We had just a split moment to make a decision. Do we say something? Or do we let the moment pass?  She was walking out of the building alone and we were done for the day and about to walk to the elevator.  So Master said "excuse me" but the man that was walking behind her turned around so I said, "Ma'am"  As in the moment the only name that I could think of was her Fetlife name something I am not going to use in a public place such as that.   She turned and came back with a smile.  We said that we felt we knew each other and smiled in that knowing smile that says yes we know each other being kinky.

She recognized me from my photos, but not Master but that is understandable as their aren't that many photos of Master out there on FetLife or our blogs/website.

It was really nice to meet her and just talk to her a few moments, gave each other hugs and went on our way. But  I am so glad we decided to stop her and not let the moment pass wondering.   She is someone I have always wanted to meet and thankful we stopped her even though the place we were meeting wasn't the most usual place to run into like-minded folks.


  1. Would it be the online relationship is all that you have with this person? As a bartender, I often meet people who have discovered me online. We can skip the preliminary "getting to know you" stuff and resume where we left off (online). The online allows us to have a "private" moment that we usually don't have in the public space of a bar.

  2. Up until that point we had only known each other online. And it was nice to be able to go in with some history because of knowing each other from blogs and on FetLife. I liked that it gave us a shared private moment right there in a public space without anyone knowing.


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