Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magic Cream

I have shaved the hair on my pussy on and off over the years. I like the way it feels when it is smooth.  I like the way fabric feels against it. I like wearing no panties and feeling air hit my skin as I wear skirts and dresses.  I just like the way it feels. I don't stay shaved all the time though.

Master doesn't have a strict policy on being shaved, but he enjoys it so when I do need to shave clean I start with Magic Cream. I have used regular and mild, but mostly just used mild in the past because the regular burned a little.   They changed their look lately though - possibly the formula and regular this time was better than the mild of the old formula/look.  It worked just as well though.

I suggest of course following the directions on the back and doing a test patch because it can burn if you don't.  I have sensitive skin though and hadn't any problems with the mild the regular.

You rub it on the hair - without water. You put the creamy paste on fairly thick and let it sit for 7 to 9 mins.  Then you just scrap it off - with a spatula or washcloth.  I find that I first scrap off with a washcloth outside the shower.  And then taking and scrubbing it off with a washcloth in the shower works best for me but I would suggest following the directions first and doing it their way. It will not be perfectly smooth.  But it will be close.

I wait 24 hours and then I shave. It feels very close then.  I don't have to do much to keep it up after that.

I picked up Magic Cream at Target in the men's shaving section (our local Target has a woman's shaving section in one area and men's shaving section in another.)  I have seen it at some Walgreen's in the past too - just depends on the town you live in. You can order it online too.

Edit Added August 6, 2012:  Someone I know who uses this also - keeps it on for 15 minutes. She has found that keeping it on longer works better for her. The next time I use it, I am going to keep it on longer to see if works even better than usual.  Also the smell of this product doesn't bring the sexy - as it smells like rotten eggs.  


  1. Do you know if its hypoallergenic at all? I'm allergic to Nair but I would love to give this a try. Thanks for telling us about it.

    1. I don't know if it is hypoallergenic. If you get it, just make sure to do the test spot. I would also try to find the mild for sensitive skin. Nair never worked for me. But this stuff does. I have heard that adjusting the time too - keeping it on longer - usually works better. But again do a test spot to make sure it doesn't break you out or sting. Oh and another thing that I need to add to the post is - it smells like rotten eggs. So not bringing the sexy in the process but end result is great - at least it has been! :)


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