Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Too Dum to Cum

Humiliation and degradation really trip my trigger for turn-ons.  Sometimes I get hung up on the fact that "it shouldn't" and other times I can let it go and just go with it. Right now I am in a let it go and go with it phase. Thank goodness I Master has been using it every time we have had sex recently.

The other day we were having sex where Master had an orgasm and I didn't. He got up to take a shower and told me to masturbate. He said that if I didn't orgasm before he got out that he would write something humiliating on me.  Before he had me start masturbating, I was ready. I was so close to popping off easily that I thought no problem. Grrr the power of Master and the mindfuck....because of course I got close but didn't push over.  He got out of the shower and looked at me from the bathroom door while I laid on the bed still trying.  He kind of cocked his head in which he asked the question without speaking of...."well did you?"  I screamed "NO" in frustration.  He smiled and laughed. As soon as he was done drying off he went to the kitchen to get a sharpie  He pressed the sharpie to my skin on my stomach and I had an orgasm...just with him pressing that sharpie to my skin. As he wrote the words, multiple orgasms erupted.  He wrote "too dum to cum" - purposely spelling dumb wrong.

Every time he points the writing out on me, I squirm and feel myself get wet.

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