Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Q&A - 2 more Questions

Have you ever had your breasts whipped or caned? If so what was it like? If not would you like to have it ?
Yes, I have had them whipped, canned, flogged, cropped, punched, slapped and had many other implements used on them. The baton and evil stick probably hurt the most.  Or the rubber flogger. I don't think Master has used the braided flogger on my breasts before just my ass, back and thighs because that thing hurts more then anything - the leather is different - harder and it hurts in that oh my gawd yes I love pain way.  I am not sure I know how to describe the pain inflicted on my breasts.  I am masochist so pain hurts and I like that it hurts. I like to suffer. So feeling the sting of a whip or cane just a shock of pain vibrating through me and that is a good thing to me.  

I do like pain on my breasts and Master doesn't usually leave them untouched during sex - they are grabbed hard, slapped and punched often.  Which probably those things hurt more then any implement as Master hurts them longer then a sting of a whip or cane can inflict on me. 

I haven't had anal sex before, but my husband wants to try it. Can you give me any tips for decreasing the pain? 
I am going to say this...I don't think much can decrease the pain of the first, second, third...or how ever many times...it just depends on the person and how big your husband's cock is on how much pain you will feel. But for me there has always been some pain. 

I have been having anal sex since I was 18 and I am now 44 and it still hurts. But....it hurts less then it does the first time because I do use anal plugs so my ass is used to something being there.  So start with a butt plug. Something small and then you can move up in sizes. But get your ass used to having something there.  Use LUBE on the plugs.  Then maybe move on to your husband using fingers on you, moving in and out so you are used to the motion/friction that happens even though it will be much thinner with fingers.  

When we are going to have anal sex,  I do a deep breath in before he pushes in and as he pushes in a little more - I let the breath out and let my ass muscles relax and push out because that opens me up more. Use LOTS of lube and tell your husband how it is feeling. If you need him to stop right where he is - ask him to stop and not move. Take a few moments to breath and relax and then have him start again slowly.  Some people prefer it to just be shoved in - go fast to get it in and then they can relax easier.  So you need to find what works for you. 
You don't need to do an enema before hand, but you can if you wish. Just water nothing else.  If Master is the mood he basically questions me on how my bowel movement was - because if I had one then I am probably cleaned out good enough.  Maybe I am having stomach problems/bowel issues - he wants to know that before sticking his cock up my ass. :)   It does take talking about something that can be embarrassing to many, but better to talk about it then have surprises. 

Remember it is March Question Month. Ask any question and I will blog my answer. You can ask even ask anonymously. Just post your question(s) here in comments or via email

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