Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Q&A - Day Off

Do you ever want a day off from being a slave? 

I think often when I get this question, it really means don't get you get tired of serving 24/7. The answer to that question is yes I do get tired but there is a different to me between having down time and not being a slave. I can't take a day off from being a slave. Being a slave is who I am.  The things I do for Master as his slave - such as work in his business, clean house, do laundry, get bills ready and so on are some my duties as his slave. I do get tired of doing them at time. But taking some me time or down time doesn't mean I stop being his slave. 

The question could also mean do I ever think about not wanting to be a slave even just for a day. We all have bad days and yes I have had days where I went can I really do this? Even after 9 years of being Master's I sometimes go "wow I just failed big at this - should I do this?" but I can' might be a momentary thought or reaction but when you strip down the core of who I am - I can't stop being who I am. 

Remember it is March Question Month. Ask any question and I will blog my answer. You can ask even ask anonymously. Just post your question(s) here in comments or via email

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