Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Q&A - Different Ways

"In the beginning how difficult was it not to take things personally when something isn't how you would do it on your own? Knowing that you are doing as He wishes even if you don't feel it is the right way.Is it also something that you would just bite your tongue and move on or would it be acceptable to make suggestions of a different way? Ultimately I know that it would be His decision."

Well first I have to say it doesn't just happen in the beginning. 9 years of being Master's and I still go through moments of taking it personally and getting annoyed frankly.  

When he tells me to do something that goes against how I do it or even my beliefs, I will most of the time try to talk to him about it. It is all about phrasing and tone of how I go about that. 

I usually explain to him why I would like to do it differently or why I believe differently.  If in the end he still says he wants me to do it his way, then I do it. It still might annoy or anger me even, but in the end I am his slave. So I bite my tongue and as the saying goes "Suck it up Buttercup" - I suck it up and do it. 

A hot button for me, is my health. I have had people try to tell me what to do for my migraines all my life. I also feel I am in touch with my body and how it works. So when Master tells me, I need to make an appointment or take some med and I don't think it is the right thing for me - it really is HARD for me to not fight it. I often do. I try to explain first why I don't want too but it is really hard for me to still follow through on what he wants. He knows this too and we have had fights about this issue. It is hard for me to believe someone else would know my body and know what works for me because it just hasn't been like that in the past....years and years of people telling me to do stuff that doesn't work or not listening when I say that won't work because I had tried it several times before. So it is a hot issue for I guess because it irritates Master too that I just can't let it go and do what he wants without having to fight it. 

So even after 9 years, I still have issues that it is hard to just suck it up and do it.  Of course on some things it is easier now after being together for so long - I understand why Master says some things and wants some things. It is like muscle memory - knowing he wants this and even if it isn't how I would  do it - I have done things for him so long - I just react to him and what he wants. It is like it over-rides my own thoughts instantly.  

In the beginning of relationships too, the Master/Owner is still getting to know the slave.  He might not know that you know how combat a cold in a different way that works for you that might not work for him...until you explain what works for you.  He might not know that you can fold clothes in a way that will get them done and make them look nicer then the way he does it.  So talking those things through is the way to go.  

Remember it is March Question Month. Ask any question and I will blog my answer. You can ask even ask anonymously. Just post your question(s) here in comments or via email

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