Friday, June 20, 2008

Power Exchange?

During March questions someone asked me views that have changed over the years. At the time I think I didn't really come up with a lot even though I know views have changed but today I was reading over some old entries. I saw myself use the words power exchange. And over the years I am not sure I see it as a power exchange. Because the words to me feel like they are a give and take. And I don't think I am giving as much as just being. I believe more in this is who we are together. The dynamic happens because of who we are...He is the Mater and owns me. And I am a slave and owned by him. It is probably a semantics thing. Anyway I have tried hard over the years not to use those words. But I also know that it is a common phrase used in the lifestyle so sometimes I have used it just because it is something that explains our dynamic the closest that people will understand it.

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