Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Away

Coming home from being out of town always sucks because I crash and just not feel like talking or having much interaction with anyone but Master.

But that aside we did have a nice weekend. A night or few nights away in a hotel makes things different and new.....it shakes things up a bit and gives our sex life a boost of new energy. So we were both looking forward to getting away this past weekend just for that. Master had me pack a few toys and the hitachi wand too.

So what ends up happening Saturday night...I got sick. Dinner didn't agree with me. Of course that means no fun for us which is just so annoying. I started crying and apologizing and Master of course is telling me that it isn't my fault. Not like I wanted to be sick.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling good and Master obviously did too because he started in on punching me and slapping me. We were making up for Saturday night. My favorite part of the morning was Master punching my cunt over and over and over and I was having one orgasm after another. Oh how I enjoyed the feel of his fist pounding against my bits. It hurt that hurt that took my breath away. I was soaking wet after that.

We had a quick break between family functions that day and needed to go back to our hotel to change out of dress clothes into casual but Master had other ideas too. And so Master had me suck his cock then we got cleaned up and left again. It was one of those times that made me feel so used and I loved it. I was fully dressed and he just had me get him off and that was the only thing on his mind. It turned me on.

There wasn't anymore time to play before heading back home but I am glad we at least had a little fun while in the hotel room. I mean we didn't really do anything different then we do at home but it just feels different. It is just a little more exciting.

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